Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | March 7, 2009

4 dpo

Wow, time is dragging during this two week wait. It feels like a week has passed since the IUI, but it’s only been four days. Four pretty miserable days.

This is the first cycle that I’ve felt pretty yucky after the IUI. I think I’m having mild hyperstimulation. I had those two supposedly mature follicles and then like twelve 10-11mm follicles at trigger. I am SOOOOO bloated and sore and just plain uncomfortable. Even my comfy yoga pants are tight. I’m trying to drink a lot of water and some gatorade and eat lots of protein.  I haven’t called the RE or anything. I will call  if I start having trouble breathing or have a lot of pain. I’ve got sore bbs, cramps, my back aches, and those crazy prometrium dreams are back. Other than all of that, I feel okay. I’m hoping it’s a good sign that I feel so bad. Obviously it’s too early to tell a damn thing, and all the things I’m feeling could well be from my sad, swollen ovaries and from the prometrium. S is gone until Wednesday so I don’t even have anyone to wait on me.

I want to say that I’m optimistic, but honestly, it’s pretty much just desperation. What keeps going through my head is that we can’t afford IVF so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  let this cycle work.

We keep our house pretty cold in the winter (64 degrees), so the cats sometimes like to burrow under the covers on our bed. This morning around 6am, our big cat came up to me and pawed at the comforter, so I pulled it up a little for him to crawl under. I explained to him (yes I talk to the cats) that my tummy is sore so he needed to stay off the tummy. He normally crawls alongside me and sleeps by my side or down by my knees. Of course, right after I explained to him that I’m sore, he jumped right onto my tummy, all 17 pounds of him. OUCH! He never jumps. He usually just tentatively inches under the covers and turns around until he’s comfortable. But not this time. Then, when I let out a roar of pain, he used my swollen tummy as a springboard and jumped back out. It hurt but for some reason it made me laugh hysterically.



  1. ugh. hang in there and take good care of yourself. the 2ww is the worst! i’ll be joining you in it later this week!


  2. oh man! my 19lb cat does that stuff too! bah!

    I hope the aches and pains ease up in the new few days with a bfp at the end!!

  3. I’m chanting PLEASE PLEASE LET THIS CYCLE WORK for you too.

    My cat does the paw the cover thing (but only to me, not my husband) but she always like to lay by my side in the nook of my arm. It’s annoying, but sweet.

    What are you eating to up your protein? I discovered Greek yogurt a couple of months ago and it packs quite a protein punch for a yogurt cup (0% fat and 19g of protein).

  4. Try a 50 lb dog that does the same thing. =)

    Hey, we’re so close in our IUI’s! I’m 3dpIUI. Hopefully ,this will be a big fat POSITIVE month for both of us!

  5. Try hot water with lemon. Thunder liked to sleep under the covers with his head on my pillow.

  6. Hilarious — my cats used to take up half the bed and one used to like to sleep near my head before we had to force them out of our bedroom due to my allergies. It’s kind of sad but needless to say I’m sleeping better these days! Anyway, of course I hope you get your BFP — hang in there through the wait.

  7. Sorry this 2WW is so hard. I’m saying PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for you, too.

    Hope you feel better and back to normal very soon!

  8. i am sending good ju ju your way for a positive cycle. i also have PCOS and morphology of 3%. i will have my first IUI this week.

  9. Thinking of you during this 2 ww – true hell, I know. I hope your bloating goes down soon and that your DH gets backs safely. 🙂

  10. I felt the same way after the IUI….all bloated and uncomfortable. It took a couple of days to feel better.

    I hope the two-week wait flies by for you and has a happy ending!

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