Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | March 2, 2009

let’s talk about bruises

Let’s talk about bruises, because I have a lot of them. It’s so strange, because the first two injectables cycles, I did not bruise at all from the follistim. I had bruises from the blood draws, but not from the nightly injections. Now, I have 4 or 5 nice yellow/brown bruises on my tummy from those same follistim injections. Have I become a bruisier person lately? I have two nasty bruises from the terrible phlebotomist at my RE’s office, and unfortunately they don’t match. The left arm has a nice dime sized yellow bruise, and the right arm has a large pea sized purple/red lump from today’s bloodletting adventure. Yes, I was unlucky enough to get the same lady. Ugh. I HATE her. She did a good one today. It kept bleeding and bleeding through the gauze pad. It was not her most painful attempt on me, but it was certainly the bloodiest.

Anyhow, on to more exciting news. I have two mature follicles (16 and 17mm). And about ten other ones around 10, 11, and 12 mm. The IVF nurse who did the ultrasound actually said to me “Wow your ovaries have been busy. You would be an excellent candidate for IVF! Or egg donation.” Um, yeah, except for my age. It was nice to hear though. We had The Talk About HOM and Selective Reduction. She said that it’s unlikely that many of the little ones will release, but that the hcg trigger can cause rapid maturation in some cases, and it is theoretically possible that several more could be mature by ovulation. She said that even if we wanted to wait until tomorrow to trigger, we couldn’t because they’d cancel the cycle due to too many mature follicles. So she gave me the trigger at 9am today and we do the IUI tomorrow morning at 10:30.

Now, I don’t want to end up with high order multiples, but seriously, between my age (almost 35) and S’s low morphology, I’m not terribly worried. I’m clearly not super fertile. In this entire past year of fertility treatments, I conceived once and quickly miscarried. By the way she was talking about all the smaller follicles, I was afraid she was going to say that we had to cancel the cycle. I brought up our multiple fertility challenges and asked (subtly, I hope) if that would make the risk a bit easier to take, and she agreed. I told her that we have discussed selective reduction, and while it would not be an easy choice to make, we would certainly consider it in the event of a full litter. I think she just needed to cover her ass and discuss it just in case.

I am somewhat excited and hopeful now that I know we have a chance this cycle. Possibly two chances. I’ve only had one mature follicle the last two cycles, and that has been somewhat disappointing. I just really hope that at least one of S’s normal sperm can find at least one of these eggs tomorrow. Because, if nothing else, I cannot take more disastrous and painful venipuncture from that lady.



  1. Wow, looks like your ovaries aren’t letting you down this cycle. 2 follies and in time to avoid freezing a sample!

    I hope things go well for your IUI!

  2. All it takes is one sperm…

    Lots of luck tomorrow.

  3. Wow, this is great! Good luck!

  4. That’s great. I guess those extra clicks were a good idea:)

  5. Fantastic follicle development. Good luck!

    And I hear you about the bruising from blood draws, that gets so aggravating.

  6. I get bruises from Follistim too. I hope your clear up soon. Congrats on the follies!!!

  7. Oh YAY!!!! We are almost in the exact same boat (except your lead follicles are of much better size than mine, I’m trying not to be jealous 🙂 )

    I really hope this is your cycle!!!!

  8. I’ll be thinking of you all day tomorrow!! That’s awesome news about your eggies!

  9. My thoughts are with you today!!!! Good Luck!!

  10. First, congrats on the follies, they sounds great!

    Second, can you not request a different person to draw your blood? I have done that – when I KNOW someone sucks at it I’ve asked for someone else. It’s kind of awkward but it HAS to be better than what you’re dealing with, right? Youch.

  11. Are you on baby asprin this cycle? When I added it to the last few cycles my bruise-ability went WAY up. Secretly it pleased me because it was a tangible sign that I was doing something that was making a difference, and since the other cycles had failed, difference meant better chance …I know this is totally flawed logic and isn’t really how it works. I’m just nutty like that.
    Good luck with the IUI! I bet a date with a catheter never sounded so great!

  12. good luck today. my fingers are crossed for you. i go in for my follicle check tomorrow…

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