Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 28, 2009

absorbing the hurt

Okay, this is going to sound completely cheesy, but I just realized that I already have that kitty litter for hurt that I mentioned yesterday. It’s this blog. From now on I am going to imagine that when I type a new post, the hurt is getting sucked out through my fingers and absorbed by the internet.

I cannot wait for spring. This has been a long, hard, worse than usual winter with record breaking snows where I live. It has sucked really really badly. I grew up in a place where daffodils and tulips and apple trees bloomed in January. It got cold at night, but never was truly miserable. I don’t think I ever really appreciated the seasons. Living here the past two years has made me appreciate spring. Rebirth. Green things coming up from the cold dead hard ground. I can only hope that spring will bring new growth within me. Gosh I am full of the cheese this morning. What happened to my normal sarcastic self? Don’t worry, I’m sure she will be back soon.



  1. I hear you! I’m the same way about blogging. I feel a hundred times better after i type it out.

  2. I agree totally. And it feels even better when you get a comment from someone telling you that they understand and care about how you’re doing. Which of course, I do.

    Comments really are the new hug. ((Hugs))

  3. this is the worst part about living in the north. it feels like the winter will never end. 😦 if the sun could just come out for a week….i think it would make things a little better!

  4. We can all use a little cheese once in a while. It’s also commonly known as hope — and where would we be without that?

    I love your blog, cheesy or sarcastic or however it may be. You have an award on mine.


  5. Where I live feels like the Tundra. I walked the dog last night and could hardly feel my feet when I got inside. DH asked when I was ready to move to Miami, lol.

  6. Happy March! Yes, spring-time is coming soon, and hopefully the weather will be nicer for you soon.

    I’m glad we’re your kitty litter 🙂

  7. I am right there with you looking forward to spring and all its symbolic renewal. And I hear what you’re saying about your blog — I often wonder what I would do without this community of support. Oh, and I think a little cheese never hurts!

  8. We are getting snow dumped on us again too! The whole NE is actually and I’m praying for warmer weather! I saw my daffodils poking up two days ago and now I just hope the snow doesn’t kill them.
    A few days have passed so I had to read a couple of your posts to catch up. I’m hoping for you that the follies grew nicely and you are preparing for your IUI tomorrow. And in reference to the massage lady who told you to make a board with baby pics…that might be sadistic. Really, do you want to be looking at cute little babies everyday? Most days, I try to forget this whole IF thing in the hopes that focusing on something else will release any pent up tension that I feel. Plus, I kinda have a problem with fertiles giving IFs advice. I think they mean well, but need to keep their advice for situations they truly “get.” What did you decide to do? Keep us posted on this cycle – I’m crossing everything for you.

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