Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 23, 2009

enjoying injections

I love doing the follistim injections. Perhaps I’m weird, but they don’t hurt at all and they make me feel like I am actively doing something to kick my lazy ovaries’ asses into gear. Last night, I injected myself while cooking dinner, no big deal at all. I like the simple ritual of it.  I don’t have my next ultrasound and blood work until Friday, and I’m hoping I’ll be close to being able to trigger.

Of course something always happens to throw a wrench into a seemingly simple cycle. The first injectables cycle, it was my grandpa’s death and having to travel 2000 miles the day after the IUI. The second cycle, it was my cat’s health emergency and all the stress surrounding taking care of him for several weeks after the IUI. What will it be this time? One thing that may come up is that S may have to go out of town for work next week (yes, again).  If we can do the IUI on Monday or Tuesday, we might be okay, but if he has to leave town before we do the IUI, we may have to freeze a specimen. That scares me because we have such morphology issues to begin with. I’m sure freezing and thawing a less than optimal amount of normal sperm will mess up our odds. Does anyone have any experience with having to freeze your partner’s contribution for an IUI?

Kirke asked about my follistim dosage. For both of the first two cycles, they had me start out at 75 iu for the first five days. Both times, my response was shitty and disappointing. At that point, they bumped me up to 112 for the next two days, then 150 for the next 2 or 3 days when I still hadn’t responded. This cycle, the nurse wrote down 75, 75, 75, 100, 100, 100, then ultrasound and blood work. That is different from what the RE said he’d put in my chart to do, which was 75, 75, 75, 112, 112, 121, 150, 150, then ultrasound. The RE’s revised protocol isn’t that radically different, but it is increasing faster than the previous two cycles. I was hoping they’d have me start out at 100 or so, since I only had one mature follicle on both injectable cycles. I think they see PCOS on my chart and freak out and want to be conservative, which if I responded well, then great, I can understand that, but I don’t. I’m old. I only get a few shots at this. Let’s get a little more aggressive please.



  1. I understand wanting to be aggressive. Good luck!


  2. Here’s to hoping your cycle goes seamlessly!! I can understand wanting to be aggressive with the cycle 🙂

    *Here from ICLW!! Have a wonderful week!!

  3. It seems I always have something come up too! Good Luck to you and I hope everything goes smoothly!

  4. Thanks for posting your protocol! I was super curious.

    I think my doctor must be very aggressive. My protocol is five days at 150 and then an ultrasound to see where we are at…..if they aren’t ready to trigger yet, they normally do another dose of 150. This is the first month they’ve strayed from that as I seem to be making a lot of eggs.

    I’m so impressed that you give yourself the shot. I like to close my eyes and think about something pretty until it’s done.

  5. I understand wanting to be agressive. Hope this cycle goes better!

  6. I’m totally impressed that you inject yourself. I’m a complete wimp. DH has to do them all. I once drove to meet him at a bar so he could inject me. Pretty pathetic!
    Hoping that nothing else “comes up” for this cycle. Smooth sailing all the way…

  7. You aren’t weird. I’m actually excited about starting my injections. I think it will make me feel like something is actually happening…finally:) Good luck. I hope you don’t have to freeze the sample.

  8. I feel the same way about my little ritual. Somehow, filling the sharps container gets me excited! And it definitely helps that the follistim isn’t painful at all.

    Good luck…I hope that the increased dosages work out!

  9. arg. did you remind the nurse of the revised protocol? you should! i’ve never had to use the frozen sperm, but i had b give a sample just in case. they did a “dress rehersal” and thawed some after it had been frozen to see what happened during the thaw. the results were not awesome, but it was better than his sample for the first ivf. so….it worked for us. BUT if you do a frozen sample i think the lab should do that so you have an idea. you could also have him give two samples so that they can pool them for a better sample. ?? maybe.

  10. I don’t think you’re wierd at all…when I did a couple rounds of injectibles, I LOVED doing the shots. I think, like you, it was because I was actually DOING something proactive rather than sitting around waiting for my damned ovaries to decide to get off their lazy butts and do something. LOL I was nervous the first time or two, but after I realized it was no big deal, I really enjoyed doing them. The IM trigger shot, though, was a different story.

    As for your dosage…the last RE I went to actually cancelled my cycle because they wanted to start me off at 225iu a day, because of “my age”. Ugh. I told them I wasn’t comfortable with that and they cancelled me. Nice, huh? Can you call and talk to the doctor and clarify the dosage schedule so you don’t feel like you are wasting time?


  11. I have no experience with IUIs let alone freezing, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck this cycle! I hope you get everything regarding the chance in dose worked out with your doctor asap.


  12. i wish i liked injections, i am so sick of them!

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