Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 21, 2009

it’s still there

Welcome ICLWers! This is my fourth month participating in ICLW, and it always amazes me how many great blogs there are out there that I haven’t discovered yet. I’m looking forward to this week of increased commenting and reading lots of blogs.

Our history is on the sidebar, but here’s a very quick synopsis: I have PCOS. DH is a cancer survivor and has low morphology. We’ve done 7 rounds of clomid (all bfn or anovulatory), 2 rounds of injectables and IUI (one m/c, one bfn), and are beginning our third injectables cycle right now after having sat out the last cycle due to cysts.

I had my screening ultrasound yesterday. The nurse was one of the nice ones. Before she got out the wand, I told her how I was really excited to get started after having to wait forever because of cysts. She looked at my right ovary first. Nice and quiet and clear. Lining is thin, as it should be. Then, as she focused in on the left ovary, it was obvious. The cyst was still there. A large black hole. 3.3 cm. She said those words I was dreading: “Well it looks like you have to sit out another cycle. That cyst is just over the cutoff.” I asked what the cutoff was, and it’s apparently 3.0cm. She said “Well, maybe I can ask the doctor, if you really want to stim this cycle”. I said yes,  please ask the doctor.

In the five minutes it took for me to get dressed and for her to come back in, I had worked myself into a tizzy. I was on the verge of tears and I was so angry (at the universe, not at her) that I was shaking. She came back in the room, handed me a treatment form, and said “He said you could go ahead. Start with 75 IU of Follistim tonight.” I was so happy I almost started jumping up and down. I’m not expecting a whole lot from that left ovary, but the right one, perhaps she can pull it together this cycle and grow 2 or 3 nice follicles.

I noticed after I left the office that the dosages she wrote down were the same as my first two failed injectables cycles, and not the new plan that the RE put together the last time I saw him, at the IUI in December. That pisses me off. He specifically said he’d note in my chart that we would try higher doses, and increase faster this next time. Maybe the nurse didn’t notice it. I’m glad I wrote it down in December. I’m following the higher plan, that’s for damn sure. It also confirms that I need to be totally on top of things with this office.

I also want to acknowledge that I have some help this cycle. A generous friend has passed along some materials that are making this injectables cycle possible. I hope that this person’s FET cycle this week is successful. I am sending positive thoughts out there for her!



  1. Good luck with this cycle 🙂
    [here from ICLW]

  2. Good luck my friend. I am glad they let you go ahead.

  3. I’m glad they let you go ahead….’cause waiting just sucks.

  4. Sometimes you really do need to be your own advocate… good for you for speaking up, and good for you for keeping such careful records. Good luck!


  5. hope this one works! And you are right…we have to stay on top of these things….our doctors and nurses have too much on their plate. Good luck! ICLW

  6. for the love of all. poor kitty (prev post). try to stay relaxed this cycle. maybe he needs more fluids to make his bladder fuller? i’m no vet….

    so glad that you get to start. i was nervous for that nurse if you didn’t get to 🙂

  7. Good luck with this cycle! It’s so obnoxious when nurses don’t see the Dr’s notes and so obnoxious waiting for answers!!! I hope you get your CORRECT doses and have a successful IUI and happy 9 months!!!!


  8. Good luck on this cycle. I”m glad you were on top of your stim doses, it’s amazing how many things slip through the cracks with this stuff.


  9. I would have been SO UPSET at the thought of waiting another cycle, too. The waiting part of IF is so hard. Way to be on top of things!

  10. Good for you for being on top of your cycle! Good luck. I hope that pesky cyst disappears and both your ovaries do their things!

  11. I hope the cycle works out, but I’m still worried about that cyst. Did they give you any theories on why it is still growing? I hope they monitor you really closely to keep and eye on it. Good luck, fingers crossed for you!

  12. So glad you don’t have to sit out another cycle! Good luck!

  13. YAY! for starting a new cycle. gotta love that feeling of hope.

  14. I’m glad you get to move forward…..waiting sucks.

    How much Foll.stim do you normally take and what are they bumping you too? Just curious…. 🙂

  15. Good luck with the upcoming cycle and kudos for advocating for yourself. I have very little faith in the nursing staff and most of the doctors at my clinic because they don’t seem to read the charts or deal with me as an individual patient. Just yesterday I went in for an US and I had to remind my doc that I was on the agonist protocol and did’ that mean I needed to start taking another of the meds? He said, “Oh yeah. That makes sense. Start that Monday.” Argh!


  16. How great that someone was able to give you some of the meds! Good luck this cycle!


  17. Oh yay! I am so excited you get to get started again! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. . .

  18. Hey, congratulations on getting the clearance and kudos for questioning the nurse’s plan for you. You know what’s best, and I’m hoping hoping hoping big time that this is the magic one!

    [Here from ICLW, but I’ve certainly dropped by before too. Always appreciate your writing, and have been rooting for you!]

  19. I’m really glad for you that you didn’t have to sit this one out ! (From one IUIer to another…)


  20. Looking forward to following along…looks like I’m a day behind you with cycling as I just had my baseline yesterday. Starting Follistim tonight so I will be excited to follow along right behind you!


  21. Good luck with the upcoming cycle!

  22. I’m glad you got the go-ahead and I hope this cycle’s the one that works. I’m sorry the nurse screwed up, though. Annoying. BTW, I did four cycles of monitored Clomid and it was like the antifertility drug for me. Clomid is evil! Death to Clomid! (I have strong feelings about it.)


  23. Waiting SUCKS in a big way. I am so glad they are letting you proceed. And, good for you for keeping track of the new protocol.


  24. Good luck, sorry to hear you had a close call with canceling your cycle.


  25. This is my first time with the ICLW and I’m enjoying reading everyone’s blogs…even I don’t understand a lot of the terminology!

  26. So sorry about that damn cyst! RIght on the cusp – stim away and GREAT LUCK!

  27. You need to definitely be in control of your own cycles. Ride that nurse’s ass!


  28. I’m sorry your poor kitty is having trouble. My male cat is in the same boat, and we just can’t figure out the problem. He’s just finishing up a round of antibiotics and seems to be doing better. Feel better kitty!

    YAY for starting the new cycle! My clinic is WORTHLESS with paperwork and notes. I’ve had to re-do and re-send so much stuff it’s ridiculous. I’ve even taken to driving there in person to drop something off, just so she can’t say she didn’t get it.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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