Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 20, 2009

my cat is conspiring against my fertility

My period finally started. Finally! Wednesday was cd 39, a full 19 dpo, and the spotting started. Isn’t it strange that in this ttc process, sometimes we are overjoyed to see blood (starting a new cycle, hope) or devastated (after a bfn). That damn last cyst better be gone. I don’t even want to think about what will happen if I have to sit out another cycle. It wouldn’t be pretty. I pity the nurse that tries to tell me that.

I made an appointment for the screening ultrasound for Friday and then things fell apart. One of our cats, who had a urinary blockage right around Christmas,  started having problems again. He’d go into the litterbox and sit there for 30 seconds and there would only be a pea sized clump of pee. He was acting very strange, and he kept going in the litterbox and not really doing anything. Then once in a while he’d pee the size of a grape, so I knew he could pee, but that something was going on again with his bladder. S was gone, I was alone, hadn’t slept much, and I tried to decide whether it was bad enough to go right away to the emergency vet hospital across town. It was raining turning to snow, the roads were going to be bad, and I was alone. I decided to watch him and wait, and when our vet opened at 8am, I called and was able to bring him in immediately.

$360 later, I still don’t know for sure what’s wrong. He isn’t blocked. His urine pH is good, there are no crystals in it, and his bladder wasn’t enlarged. He did have some bacteria in the urine, so he likely has an infection or some type of irritation. Basically, he thinks he has to pee, but he doesn’t. He’s on about ten different medications now, we have to give him subcutaneous fluids at home, and he’s having some kind of reaction to the pain meds. I brought him home last night and he was wandering around, yowling, restless, and would go lay down in the litterbox and roll and thrash around violently. He is disoriented and can’t calm down. It’s so sad to watch.

Seriously. I had just started to relax about him. He seemed stable, finally, and I wasn’t monitoring his litterbox usage with spreadsheets anymore like I had been. I almost think he knows I’m starting another injectables cycle and he is doing this to stress me out to make sure this doesn’t work. Maybe he really doesn’t want to have to compete with a baby for attention. Maybe he somehow knows that the money for vet bills is taking money right away from fertility treatments.   My cat is conspiring against my fertility!



  1. Sorry about your kitty 😦 The poor guy.

  2. Oh, your poor kitty. I’m just imagining the poor guy sitting in his litter box trying to understand why he can’t go. When I’m with my cat I imagine what she would say to me if she could and you poor baby is probably thinking, “Mommy, why can’t I go?”

    So you never made it to your u/s then? Well, I hope you get the all clear.

    By the way, I don’t trust those internet hpt cheapies at all either. Your right that they aren’t very sensitive and the have evap lines like crazy I hear. I actually broke down and bought the FRERs for this cycle. And it might be the implantation dip, but, it’s just that I thought I already had that a couple days ago. The wait is agonizing.

  3. Oh I’m so sorry your kitty isn’t feeling good again.

  4. Sorry to hear about your cat’s issues. Mine had a lot of bladder issues later in his life. Sending good thoughts and healing prayers for you and Mr. Kitty!

  5. Balls! I hope your cat gets better.

    I hear ya on the arrival of AF. Since she rarely visits i look forward to seeing her! bah.

    Does your DH come back soon at least?

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