Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 14, 2009

2 out of 3 cysts have hit the road

But I still have one left. On the left ovary. 3.0 cm, so not too big, but it’s bigger than it was 32 days ago, if it is indeed one of those same cysts. It could be an entirely new cyst or it could be a follicle getting ready to ovulate, if I didn’t actually ovulate earlier. My right ovary is nice and quiet, with lots of antral follicles. My second favorite nurse did the ultrasound, and she has potential to become my favorite nurse. She asked if I was hoping to stim this next cycle. I said um, yeah, I’ve been going crazy waiting. She said that it’s borderline, that they would probably leave it up to me, and that the REs would probably say there is no evidence that the presence of a cyst of that size would negatively influence the outcome of the cycle. So, while I’m pissed that I have a 3.0 cm cyst (or follicle), I”m relieved to know that I can probably do injectables if and when I get my period. I just hope it doesn’t get bigger.

FF is saying I’m 14dpo, but maybe I didn’t ovulate. I took a test today, because I thought hmm, wouldn’t it be nice to get a bfp on Valentine’s day? “Not Pregnant” says the Clearblue Easy Digital. “Not surprised” says Birds and Squirrels.



  1. I hate the “not pregnant.” I’ve moved to the test with the lines. I’m not sure if it is as accurate, but it just seems friendlier.

    I hope you get to stim!

  2. I also hate the “Not Pregnant” The “Pregnant” is nice, but the down fall of the “not” is really devastating sometimes.

    I hope you get to stim next cycle.

  3. this is why i don’t POAS. i hate dissapointment.

    yea for only one cyst! i hope you get to cycle 🙂

  4. That’s interesting that it’s gotten bigger. Do you have any other signs that you might O soon? You haven’t had your period yet, right? so there is still a chance that it could disappear before your next cycle in either case. Are they wanting you to come back in for a baseline before you stim, or is it all up to you at this point (oh, the decisions!)?

  5. No signs of impending ovulation. No EWCM. I have had pains and crampy feelings near the left ovary. I suppose it could shrink before the next cycle. I’m sure they will want me to come in for a baseline once AF starts. At least they billed this u/s as a cyst and hopefully insurance will cover it.

  6. That stinks. I’m sorry.

  7. I’m new here but wanted to thank you for sharing your story, I do empathise with the TTC struggle. x

  8. Did you ever take a trip to crazy and cover the “not” up with your finger? I do that sometimes. Hopefully you can get going this cycle.

  9. Sorry you didn’t get a Valentine’s BFP, but so glad to hear that cyst isn’t going to hold you back from stimming.

  10. Sorry, my friend. But I’m glad you sent those nasty cysts packing!

    Hoping for all good things for you…

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