Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 13, 2009

not much to say

I haven’t been posting because there hasn’t been much to say. This rest cycle has been so incredibly boring and bad for blogging. I’m sure you guys are sick and tired of hearing me bitch and bitch about my damn cysts. I’m ready for things to get going again. I need something to look forward to.

I was wrong about the one more night thing. My husband ended up having to extend his trip, and he finally just got home last night. It wasn’t a big deal, but now he is going on another work trip next week, Monday through Friday. I can’t really go with him because I’m hoping my next cycle will start and will need a screening ultrasound next week. Ugh. I feel bad because I should be happy that he still has a job, and I shouldn’t be upset about him traveling. Maybe it will be good for me and I’ll get over my fears of being alone. Ha. Yeah, right.

I tested yesterday and today, because the nausea and dizziness I’ve been feeling are not normal for me. Negative of course. If I did ovulate, I would be 12 dpo. I’m worried that the cysts are still there. I’ve been having a lot of strange pains, especially near my left ovary, where two of the cysts were. I am trying to get in for an ultrasound, but of course, the nurse hasn’t called back. Why is it so damn hard to get an ultrasound? It seems like many of you can just call and go in if you want one.

Update: the nurse finally called back. I managed to get an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. She said that the cysts should be shrinking, but that if I am pregnant (yeah right), they could be growing and could be why I’m feeling pain. She said that if the ovary was twisting, it would be constant pain. Whatever. I know I’m most likely NOT pregnant and I just want to see if they are going away. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow that they have disappeared.

Another Dreamer has a positive first beta and is doing the 2nd beta wait. She has been spotting a little. Please go over and give her hugs and send hcg doubling thoughts her way.



  1. I think I’m must be having cyst sympathy pains for you. My left ovary has been pinchy/stabby since before the start of this cycle (hence why I thought my cyst hadn’t left either). But from my many u/s’ there is absolutely nothing there. No idea why I feel it so much, so it must be sympathy pains for you.

    Glad to hear your hubby has made it back safely. He travels a lot. I hope the cysts have resolved and you can get on with the next cycle and have something to look forward to while he’s on his next trip.

  2. I hate cysts. I’ve only ever had one, and I remember it being painful.

    I hope when you go in tomorrow they tell you they are all gone 🙂

    I think we will be cycling together this time. My screening u/s should be next week too.

  3. i can never tell…just when i think that the cysts are gone, they will still be there….and when i expect that they are in full force, they are gone. they don’t behave and definitely don’t play by the rules! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the thought. So very kind of you (*hugs*)

    I hope the pain goes away. And you never know, you could be pregnant. But, either way… better to get to the bottom of the pain. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I hope you get some relief soon. I can never tell what’s going on either (I used to think so but I was proven wrong so many times) — I feel like I have ovary pain on and off regardless of where I am in the cycle. The only thing, it seems, that takes it away is being on the pill which (other than the few weeks before IVF) is obviously not an option. Anyway, sorry your hubby is off on another trip but I hope your staying behind proves to be worth it! You’ll be back on the train again soon, I’m sure.

  6. I’m glad you were able to get the ultrasound appointment – I hope those darn cysts are gone!

    I’m sorry you’ll be having another week alone. HUGS!

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