Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 24, 2009


I have been slacking on blogging and commenting. I swear I will catch up this weekend. The past few days have been a little crazy.

Thursday we had the pest control people coming to spray for bugs, and I went on this seriously goofy cleaning spree in preparation for them. Last spring we had a big ant and spider problem. We live next to a small creek and we get bugs. I hate hate hate spiders in my house. Outside, they are fine. In my house, especially in our bedroom, they are not okay and they need to die. I don’t like theย  idea of using chemicals to kill them, but it got to a point where it was ridiculous. S finally called a pest control company in May, they came out and treated the house, mostly on the exterior, and we haven’t had any problems since. We’ve seen one spider all this winter, which is amazing. S used to have to do spider patrol daily would find and smush one or two a day. I used to live on edge all the time, my eyes scanning the corners and ceilings for those annoying almost clear spiders. The cat used to be a great spotter of spiders. He would start meowing frantically and jumping up the wall, which would alert me to scream for S to come kill it. Now I don’t even think about spiders. It’s totally worth it for my peace of mind.

So, they come every three months, and this time they were going to inspect the interior of the house and treat the basement and kitchen. I spent two days completely cleaning the house, which wasn’t pretty because I had been totally slacking on keeping things clean. I ended up realizing that I didn’t need to have done all the cleaning that I did, but at least our house is nice and clean, temporarily. We will see if I can keep it cleaned up.

I met my first fellow blogger yesterday! Shaina from Indiana Open Windows and I met up for lunch yesterday and ended up talking for three hours. She is a so nice and kind and wonderful and talented, and I am so happy to finally have met a new friend! It was so nice to be able to talk out loud with someone who understands. She has been through so much, with losing her daughter and her two m/c’s, and is still such a lovely, positive person. I hope that some of her positivity rubs off on me!

In cycle news, I’m cd 13 with no smiley faces on the opk’s yet. No EWCM yet, not that I ever get it. I am not giving up on this rest cycle yet though. I have another full box of potential smiley faces that I will use up. I have to say that I’m getting quite sick of seeing the empty circle.



  1. DEATH to bugs. I would have fainted with that many spiders. The house I grew up in was pretty old and I used to get all these bites on me. We found out there was a giant spider town in the wall behind my bed.


  2. Lemon Juice keeps spiders away. This blog has info about it… If you fill a squirt bottle with lemon juice and water, and spray it along windows and cracks where they could come in, it will keep the away.


  3. For me, it`s not spiders, it`s earwigs. Ewww, just thinking about them creeps me out! Hope for your peace of mind that they stay away.


  4. OMG!! I hate spiders too!! In our old house we had soooo many. Like you, my DH would kill loads a day. Now, in our new house Thank God. None. Well, I am sure they are around, but I can’t see them, so that is okay with me. I will keep my fingers crossed that you see that little smily face soon!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Ewwww, I hate bugs in the house. Especially spiders! Centipedes in my basement wig me out big time too!

    Hope the pest control zaps them in their tracks!

  6. hope you see that smiley face in the next few days! ๐Ÿ™‚

    one of my friends and i used to do that nightly, spider scans that is. you notice any blob out of place. horrible! my dad’s house is like that, filled with centipedes…ewwwww

  7. I feel that way about birds. I love to see them out in the ‘nature’ but not in my house. My husband has been angling to get a bird for years.

    I thought of you when I went to buy my OPK’s–I stupidly didn’t look at what was left from last month, and between the smily faces, the answer sticks and the fertilitiy monitor sticks I spent $120! About the same as a bottle of microdose lupron…

  8. Love a spider and bug-free house! I hope you see the smiley face very soon.

  9. my darn cat won’t do her job to catch spiders and mice. i’ve seen two mice in our house in the 3 years we’ve lived here. one was alive and one was dead. tons and tons of spiders. that darn cat just watches them. won’t try to get them at all.

    maybe your cat needs to give my cat lessions ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. OMG I HATE SPIDERS! My cat just likes to play with them it drives me crazy. So I am all for a spider free house!

  11. I hate spiders more than you can imagine, I completely freak out and scream for Murray to come and get rid of them!

    Dont stress about not commenting on everyones blogs, Ive been slack too lately, this is the first chance Ive had to catch up for a while.

  12. You are very brave, living with those spiders like that. I would have packed up and headed to a hotel…hope you see those smiley faces (they use smiley faces?? Having never ovulated on my own i am oblivious to the OPK world) very soon!

  13. It’s so much harder to make new friends as a grown up — I still long for the playground days where you could just walk up to someone and say, “Hey, wanna be my friend?” I’m so glad you’ve found another person you can share with in RL!

  14. I’m thinking smiley thoughts…does that help?

  15. I’m the official spider killer in my house as the husband has a deathly fear–he’ll take care of other bugs, but just not spiders. And it’s not like I LOVE them or anything! So great that you found someone to talk all this stuff over with IRL.

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