Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 19, 2009

follistim = no migraines?

I know this is probably getting old, but my cat is still not peeing enough. He went a day and half. Even S was worried. This morning, at 6:30am, S was getting ready for work, and I overhear him talking to big kitty, telling him that he needs to go pee soon or we have to take him back to the vet. About fifteen minutes later, sure enough, big kitty went in the litter box and peed. It wasn’t a lot though. Every time he goes in the litter box, or if I happen to hear scratching around, I go observe. I want to see if he is straining or crying while he pees, and I want to see how much he goes. It has been two weeks since the urinary blockage crisis, and I want to believe that he’s in the clear, but in reality, he could block again if we don’t get his urine pH balanced and if he doesn’t drink enough and pee enough. I just want to be able to take for cat pee for granted and not have to watch the litter box like a hawk. We had the compounding pharmacy (where I’ve bought my ovidrel) make up some chicken flavored chewable medicine for the kitty. Now we don’t have to shove the gigantic pill down his throat anymore. We still have other pills to give him, but the monster one is now no problem. Of course, it cost $60 to have them make it up, but it should last for two months. Still, that’s about a dollar a pill. It’s worth it. Soon we will be done with the antibiotics and the ear drops and then maybe my big kitty won’t hate me anymore.

I have a migraine today. I had one last week two, for two days. I wonder if it has to do with lack of hormones, maybe estrogen? I was surprisingly migraine free during the injectable cycles. I think I had a few minor headaches, but nothing like my typical migraines. Has anyone had any experience with changes in headache pattern as fertility treatments changed? Like many, I had terrible headaches with clomid. Nothing that bad with follistim. Now left to my own stupid body, I’m getting migraines again. Too bad I can’t justify injectable fsh as a migraine preventative to my insurance! Hey, Imitrex is really expensive too, especially the shots. I only get the tablets though.

Today is cd 8. I started doing OPKs yesterday, because that’s what the nurse said to do. Yes, she said to start on cd 7 or 8 and test for two full weeks. I’ve never been an early ovulator, but since those cysts were the size of medium follicles, she figured if for some reason one of them contains an actual egg, I should start checking now. I don’t have high hopes for ovulation this cycle, but if it happens, hopefully I’ll get one of those damn smiley faces.



  1. Hearing about your cat does not get old. I hope your poor head gets better.

  2. Good luck with the OPKs! I’m so cheap I always try to stagger them and only do them every other day, and then I have to worry about whether or not I missed it. I might very well be my own worst enemy.

  3. I enjoy the cat updates too! Fertiles get to talk about their kids, so we should get to talk about our pets!

    Sorry to hear about the migraines. That’s pretty weird that follistim actually helps. Never had migraines, but those clomid headaches suck enough for me.

    I have a little migraine story for you. I have a friend that suffered from migraines and had to take daily meds that made her emotionally unstable. She would just cry uncontrollably for no reason and often at inopportune times. She got relief after she went to a new eye dr. and he actually shaved down little bits of her eye lens to strategically block light. Sounds risky to me, but she’s off the meds now and rarely has migraines now.

  4. who the heck knows. i get the headaches on the drugs that are supposed to be fine and no headache on the ones that are supposed to be killer. arg.

  5. Sorry for the migraines! I hate those.

    And sorry kitty is still having problems 😦 I hope he gets better asap.

  6. Sorry to hear you have migraines. That sucks! I do get them too when my hormone levels change: used to have them when on BCPs, one or two days before my period would start, and now, in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Can’t remember I had them much during IF treatment though… *ICLW#39*

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs.

  8. So sorry to hear about your migraines. I have them several times a week. I wouldn’t survive (literally) without imitrex (which, btw, is now available as a generic!!!!).

    Of the many things that give me migraines, hormone fluctuation is at the top of the list (along with stress) :).

    Sorry about your kitty. It’s so hard when pets are sick, because they can’t tell us how they feel, and we can’t explain what’s going on to them.

  9. We’ve done similar with our cat in the past. Last year we had to give our male cat injections and monitoring him after those was a pain.

    When I purchased the clearblue digital OPKs, I then got the boxes of the monitor sticks off of Amazon. It works out to be cheaper in the long run.

    *ICLW 66*

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