Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 14, 2009

forced “rest cycle”

I feel like cursing up a storm. I actually did scream once I got back in my car. I have not one, not two, but THREE GODDAMNED FUCKING CYSTS. Big ass ones. A 15.5mm. 16.5 mm. and a 17.5 mm. Thankfully Lisa was my nurse and I did not feel the need to murder her. I mean, it’s really not her fault or anything. She’s so nice and she handled things well. She explained that since I have 3 cysts over 15mm, my ovaries probably would not respond properly to the FSH, and they make you sit out a cycle so you don’t waste all that money. How nice of them to consider our budget for once.

Now, you might say “Birds, you were contemplating a cycle off anyway, why are you so upset?” Well, it’s a choice thing. We chose to go ahead with injectables this cycle because of some future work trips that S has in March that will likely mess up cycles then, so we decided it best to go ahead and hope I get pregnant this cycle. Now because of my stupid asshole ovaries, that choice is taken away from us, and we will likely have scheduling issues when we are able to start again.I’m trying to see the bright side of this, and perhaps I will soon, but for the afternoon at least, I will be pissed.

I don’t know if Lisa was just blowing sunshine up my ass or what, but she said that she has seen a lot of women get pregnant on “rest” cycles after doing a round or two of injectables. However, I reminded her that we have sperm issues. She said to try anyway, and to use OPKs starting on day 7 or 8 and go for 11-14 days, and to have intercourse on the day of and after the surge. Now, I tried OPK’s a couple of cycles with clomid, and they never worked for me (never got a clear positive), but since I have no other way to waste money or drive myself crazy, I guess I will try them this month. What is your favorite brand of OPK’s?

I am already feeling a little bit of peace with this. I had been dreading all of the shitty drives to the fertility clinic in snow and ice this month. At least I’ll get a break from that. And maybe if I can get one lazy egg to ovulate and a few of S’s lazy sperm can find it, maybe we will get lucky on our own. Not likely at all, but it’s worth a shot.

Now, here’s a question – if you do get pregnant on a rest cycle, do you still give the RE a picture of your baby to put on their wall o’ babies? I mean, they didn’t really do anything to help you conceive that month…



  1. i’m sorry about the cysts.

    i despise opks. i temp every day.

    depends on whether or not you like your RE?

  2. No matter what you were thinking about doing, being Forced to do anything is maddening!

    I seriously could have thrown something just for the pleasure of hearing it break when the RE “grounded” me for two more months.

    Maybe our asshole ovaries can do shots of Ensure together.

  3. Oh, my cyster, ((Hugs)). You’ve got triplet GFC’s. Not cool. Hopefully they resolve soon.

    After my last experience with OPKs I went to the store and bought those clear blue easy digital happy face sticks for next time. They are mighty expensive… 7 for $28! They had better be as idiot proof as they seem.

    About that business trip… if you really wanted to cycle that month, is there a way S could have his contribution refrigerated or something? I figure donors do it, seems like couples with inconvenient schedules should be able to also. Of course, if you can’t have sex, it still would be nice for your husband to at least be present at the insemination.

    Really sorry about the cysts, hopefully all is not lost this cycle.

  4. For ovulation pee sticks, the only way to go is the Clearblue Easy happy face ones, in my opinion. They cost a little more, but well worth it. Trying to determine if the test line is darker than the control line just about drives me over the edge.

  5. You absolutely do not contribute to the wall o babies…unless you really want to…but I wouldn’t. Sorry about your asshole ovaries though…nothing ever cooperates around here!

  6. So sorry. That really sucks. I hate being told to do anything…especially when it relates to infertility and my body.

    Thinking of you!!

  7. 1. i used those smiley faced opks. i never got a positive. i used several packs of them.
    2. i hate when i can’t make the choice for something. even if the “forced” choice was what i was thinking….if i didn’t get to make it, i am pissed.
    3. my RE doesn’t even **have** a wall of babies. wtf? wonder if they every produce any?

  8. Sorry for the forced break, that sucks. I never had luck with OPKs, honestly. Never got positives, but then again the cycles I actually manage to Ov are during the few days when I conveniently forget to use the OPKs…

  9. My RE’s office doesn’t have a wall of babies either. Maybe it’s time for me to ask them if this EVER works.

    I’m sorry about the forced break and the cysts. That blows.

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