Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 13, 2009

a little better today

Yesterday was crappy, but today is turning out to be a little bit better. I have an appointment for my screening ultrasound tomorrow. The cat that is recovering from the urinary blockage has peed, but not until completely freaking us out by not peeing for over 20 hours. He did take a couple of pills in the pill pockets last night and this morning. The needles that I ordered for giving subcutaneous fluids arrived this morning. I just ordered them yesterday afternoon, and they are here already! Kitty seems a bit spunkier. He is back to work at his serious job of scaring off the birds and squirrels on our deck. We still have to watch him carefully for another blockage, and make sure that he eats and gets enough fluids, but he seems like he’s sort of getting back to his normal personality at least.  I’m feeling a little less crazy today. Just a little. I guess that’s all I can ask for.

S and I have been bad friends lately. Our friends are expecting their second baby in about a week, and we still haven’t sent them a gift from the registry. Their son is turning 3 in a few days and we haven’t sent a birthday gift yet. I haven’t sent thank you cards yet for Christmas gifts we got. My sister’s birthday is coming up in a week and I haven’t even bought a card for her yet, let alone a gift. I can barely manage to keep up with our medical bills and do things like returning library books on time, and do enough laundry to ensure that we have clean underwear and socks. I keep telling myself I will start feeling better soon and will have the energy to tackle things, but it never happens.

I talked to my mom last night, and she said that she had something to tell me, but that it might upset me. I started thinking that yet another family member announced a pregnancy or something, but it turns out all she wanted to tell me was that she bought some baby clothes for our future kid. She said that she is confident that the treatments will eventually work, and she bought two baby girl outfits yesterday. I was relieved that it was not something that was truly upsetting. I don’t care if she buys a few baby things here and there, hell I’ve done it too (remember the socks?). I was afraid she was going to say that she had bought some things with our future baby in mind, but was going to give them to my uncle’s baby, because things look so bad for us. She is obsessed with girl clothes though, so that probably guarantees that we will have a boy. Either way, I don’t care. I just want a baby.

I keep thinking that maybe it’s good that I did not get pregnant last cycle. Maybe this cycle, I’ll grow a few more follicles and have a chance at twins. If by some miracle, we do get pregnant in the next few cycles, I’d love to never have to go through this shit again, especially in a few years, when I’m older and less fertile than my current infertile self. I don’t want to be greedy though, so if one is all we get, I will have to be fine with that.

Last night, S proposed that we call this cycle “Couscous”. I’m okay with that. I’m just excited that he’s thinking of these things on his own. I’m not sure why we are breaking with the Mexican food theme. There were so many good suggestions for continuing in that theme – Nacho, Churro, Tamale, Chalupa, etc. Of course, we did not have too much luck with Gazpacho or Guacamole, so perhaps switching to another type of food will bring us better luck.

A while ago,  Amanda recommended Purr Pads, and I finally found them at a local pet store. The cats love them! Thanks Amanda for telling us about them.



  1. hey your site is cool! hope all is well!

  2. Those purr pads are magic aren’t they?

    It’s kinda sweet that she’s buying you baby clothes… but I could see how that could quickly become annoying. Hope it doesn’t.

    I find myself fantasizing about twins but I’m pretty sure I’d go nuts raising them. Oh well, it can’t be worse than infertility.

    I hope the middle eastern fare yields better results than mexican.

  3. I hope you feel better.

    Glad to hear your kitty is getting his spunk back. Good luck with Couscous 😉

  4. What do the Purr Pads do? I could not tell. I am glad you and your cat are perking up.

  5. “Couscous”… I like it. Good nickname!

    Hope this cycle works out better! Glad kitty is peeing again.

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