Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 12, 2009

crappy day all around

Warning – this is not a cheery post. I have to do something with my bitterness, so I’m spewing it here.

I am in a bad mood. I have cramps.  The weather has been so shitty. I am so damn sick and tired of snow. Spotting started today, which is actually a good thing. I was worried that being on prometrium would delay my period. I stopped it yesterday, and this afternoon, I had some spotting. I’ll call tomorrow to schedule the screening ultrasound.

My sick cat has caught on to the pill pockets. For the past year, we have tricked him into taking his various allergy medications in pill pockets. We love the pill pockets. Yesterday, however, he stopped eating them. Well, he’ll eat them, but instead of wolfing them down like he used to, he chews and chews on them until he spits the pill out. I don’t blame him. He’s getting something like 14 distinct doses of medications a day currently. I had to get out the pill gun that has been hiding in the closet for a year. I gave him three giant pills already today, and he hates me.

I had to stick him four times with needles to do the fluids today, and I didn’t even get them all in. Ugh, I felt terrible, and after the fourth one, I said fuck it, that’s it, I’m not putting him through this anymore right now. The first one, he flinched, so I figured I was in a bad spot, so I pulled it out, changed needles, and went again. This time seemed okay, and I got about 20ml of fluid in (he needs 100ml), then he moved and the needle came out and fluid went everywhere. I changed needles again, then tried to stick him in a different area. MEOWWWW, rawr. Oops, okay. Changed needles AGAIN, same thing. The vet gave us gigantic 18 gauge needles to do the fluids. I asked for smaller needles, but the vet tech looked at me like I was a wimp and said oh the smaller needles hurt less but they take forever to get the fluid in. Well, all I care about right now is hurting less, dammit. I ordered some human 2o gauge Terumo ultra thin walled needles online, but they won’t get here for a few days.

I feel like a failure. My cat hates me because I’m constantly bothering him, shoving things down his throat, or hurting him. My body keeps failing. I have no energy to exercise. All I want to do is eat. I did manage to do one thing for myself today. I waxed my bikini line. Yes it hurt, and it was probably not a good time to do it, but at least this cycle I won’t be worrying about the grooming down there every time I go in for an ultrasound.



  1. I’m sorry for your crappy day. Hopefully the week will get better.

  2. holy moly!!! you waxed yourSELF? you are officially my hero!! 😀

  3. My cat totally caught on to those pill pockets too… right after I bought her a new bag. Those things are expensive. I think she got used to me shoving pills down her throat a couple times a day. I’m sure yours will too. I now have her meds in liquid form and can just put it on her food. Much better for all of us.

    Waxed, really, ouch! My husband nor my RE get anything that good from me.

    Spew all the angry infertile wrath you want, I’ve been in a pretty bad mood today and don’t have the patience for cheery, flowery crap lately anyhow. Hope the weather turns around.

  4. Sometimes you just have a rainy day of the soul.

    Be as crabby as you want. In fact, I welcome you to come to mine and crab there. I will feed you virtual Fritos and beer.

    My husband and I have to tag team the cats with one of us pinning and one of us poking. You are the cat whisperer to get meds into your cat by yourself.

  5. I’m sorry about your kitty’s medicines. I have enough trouble giving mine a syringe of liquid meds, let alone pills and injections.

    And sorry for you feeling so down. Vent, vent, vent. We all have those days, and I know that’s no consolation. I hope things get better.

  6. Oh, I can just relate to kitty problems. It is SO frustrating! Our doesn’t fall for pill pockets, so we found a soft treat that we can shove (small) pills inside of. Or sometimes I put them in a piece of tuna fish.

    You are not a failure, you are just trying to take care of the kitty! He might not know it, but you are doing it out of love for him.

    As for the IF, yeah, I hear you. It really sucks. So sorry…

  7. Oh lordy. I feel ya on the unhappy cat situation. I have 3. Two have heart disease, and one of those with heart disease also has raging rhinitis. The youngest and healthiest of the three has an infection in common with the really sick one, so I’ve been giving him pills, in various ways since 12/24. Today, after a pretty good pilling, he started hissing at me. Every.time.he.sees me. Oy.
    I’m not sure what your cat issues are, but one of our unpillable cats who has been on pill pockets really liked the dog beef ones, and was excited for a while toeat them plain. Now she’s on to thsoe, so we put them in chicken pill pockets (cut down a bit) and cover them in Tiki Cat tuna (it’s fortified with all the important kitty vitimins). I wish you luck, Oy.

  8. I’m so sorry you had such a bad day. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I admire what great care you are taking of the kitty, and I think it’s incredible that you waxed yourself. Man, you are one STRONG woman! Needles, wax, and ultrasounds, ohmy! 🙂

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