Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 11, 2009

not in that lucky (or unlucky) 8%

According to BabyMed, I had an 8% chance of still being pregnant with a negative pregnancy test at 14 dpo. I took a test this morning, and the Clearblue Easy digital that had been my friend last cycle said very clearly “Not Pregnant”. I’m stopping the prometrium today. I’m not devastated or anything. I’m not even surprised. Sure I’m disappointed, but on the bright side, I can have some drinks and get a massage.

I think we’ve made the decision to go ahead and do another injectables cycle right away. I had been leaning towards taking a break, but S reminded me that he has several weeks of business trips in March, and knowing my body, I won’t have a period on my own and I’d have to do provera and any break cycle will last 7-8 weeks, which puts us into March. That is not acceptable to me, so on with the shots it is. Somehow we will find a way to pay for it. Somehow I will find the emotional strength to get through it. I just want it to work, you know. I just want to get a bfp at 10dpo and have it stick, and see a heartbeat, and get a healthy baby. Is that so much to ask?

The kitty has been doing a little better this weekend. I took him in on Friday, and they gave us more pain medicine for him, a urine acidifer medication, an appetite stimulant, and I got to learn how to give subcutaneous fluids. I had done it for my cat that died of cancer ten years ago, so it wasn’t completely new to me. S and I gave him fluids yesterday, and it did not go well! As soon as I stuck the needle in, he meowed and twitched. We ended up putting on another needle and trying a new spot. We got 75ml of the fluids in before he freaked out. Our target was 100ml, but whatever, it was good enough. He has been peeing okay and seems to be in less pain when he does go. He’s been a little more perky, but still is behaving oddly at times. I am hoping that we are turning the corner, and that his recovery will be fast. He’s drinking water on his own once in a while, which is great, since I hadn’t seem him drink since Wednesday (thus why he needed the fluid therapy).

The one plus about being home all the time on cat patrol is that we haven’t been going out to eat as much. A few nights ago, I made veggie lasagna. Last night, S made marinated tofu, vegetables, and rice. We got a rice cooker a few months ago, and I think I have finally trained him NOT to open the lid before it’s done. Last time we used it, I was sick and he was making food and he was impatient and opened it twice, and the rice wasn’t quite cooked all the way. I was grumpy and yelled at him and I think it got through, because he didn’t mess with it last night, and the rice turned out perfectly.



  1. Sorry for the BFN 😦
    Glad kitty is feeling a bit better.

    And I looovvee veggie lasagna. I make a mean marinated tofu, stir fry veggies with rice. Yum.

  2. Oh, sorry the cycle is a bust. I’m glad you’re going for it again next cycle. At least you’ll get a break from the crazy prometrium dreams for a while.

    I looked into the subcutaneous fluids a while ago and it doesn’t look fun. Hopefully your kitty adjusts to it soon.

  3. Good luck on your next cycle. I hope your kitty is on the mend.

  4. Sorry about the BFN :(. I’ll be rooting for you for during the next cycle.

  5. I’m really sorry about the BFN. I’m glad your kitty is feeling better

  6. arg! 😦

    at least you can get a good massage and a nice bottle of wine and get mentally ready for the next cycle!!


  7. Alright all systems go for next month!

    I am glad your kitty is feeling better.

  8. Sorry about the bfn. I hope the next cycle you get to see those two lines…

    Glad to hear the kitty is drinking water on his own. when my cat was on meds for getting spayed she was acting strangely for a week (she was only 4 lbs at a year and a half old), i was so worried. but she mellowed out. Hope he’s back to himself soon!

  9. Oh hon, I am sorry about the BFN.
    It’s hard to keep going, one cycle after the next, but you are a strong person and I know you can get through it xxx

  10. No, it’s NOT too much to ask, wanting to have a BFP that sticks.

    That makes two of us.

    Actually, when I think about it, it probably makes something like 697 of us in this little nook of the blogosphere.

    Sorry about the negative. So so sorry.

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