Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 6, 2009

seriously, prometrium, you have to stop with the dreams!

I’m exhausted. Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep for a long time because I was so sad about having visited my cat in the emergency vet hospital. He had a cone on his head, an IV in his leg, and was so agitated it was disturbing. He wouldn’t eat, for us or the vets. He was on pain meds and was clearly fighting them. He pulled his urinary catheter out, twice. He had peed in his bed and was soaked in pee. They tried to give him a quick bath before letting us see him, but he was all wet and still smelled like pee. Broke my heart. I felt like we shouldn’t have even gone to see him. Once I finally got to sleep, I had dreams about dead kittens in a sink and being held hostage in a department store. In the hostage dream, I got sick of waiting and ended up tackling the bad guy and bashing his head in and killing him. I can’t take these dreams.

We did finally get to bring our kitty home tonight. He’s curled up on the bed in a buprenex haze. He still hasn’t peed for us, which worries me, but he is drinking lots of water, and he ate some food. I’m nervous about tonight. I am so so tired and I need to sleep, but I imagine I’ll be up checking on the cat a bunch of times. I am so glad that he is home, but I’m also scared of making sure he is okay.

Okay, I have scoured the internets looking for a picture of the sponge thing they put in me after the first IUI, but I can’t find anything. It kind of looked like a kleenex sized plastic sheet, with some stuffing of some kind, tied with a string (all sterile, I hope). The nurse put it in me after the first IUI. She called it a “non-absorbent sponge” and said it was to keep the semen from oozing out, but that it wasn’t that important and if it bothered me, I could take it out, otherwise leave it in for two hours. The second IUI, it was sitting there on the table with all the goodies, but the RE didn’t put it in, nor did he explain why he did not. No one else has had this? That doesn’t give me much confidence in my RE!

I do realize that my supersitious bargaining won’t really have an impact on the outcome of this cycle. I’m not normally superstitious, but sometimes, I get a little crazy. Today is 9dpo. My temp was up again. Earlier today I had a little urge to test tomorrow morning, but it passed. One thing I know, if by some miracle it’s positive, I don’t want an early beta and get told I have low numbers again. I’d rather wait a few days without peeing on a stick and then see what happens.



  1. I’m glad your kitty is home, I hope he gets to feeling better asap.

    And the dreams… I never had those, but I’m sure it just affects everyone differently. Sorry for the nightmares.

    I hope this cycle works out. I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about the sponge thing, but that is weird. I would call and ask… but it would nag me until the end of the earth if I didn’t ask! I don’t like letting things go unanswered…

  2. Now I’m wondering….how come my RE doesn’t use the sponge thingy!?! Maybe this is my problem…..

    I’m happy that your kitty is home. It’s so sad when they are laid low. I hope he gets better soon!

  3. I hope your kitty is feeling better.

    Kudoos on resisting the urge to pee on the stick.

    Good luck.

  4. So glad your kitty is back home with you – that will definitely make him feel better than being at the vet. Poor thing.

    Hey – didn’t you make us promise not to let you test until a certain day? I need to go check that….


  5. I hope your kitty feels better soon — that sounds so sad to watch. I completely understand your conflicting feelings about testing, etc. but the good news is that the waiting will be over soon, hopefully with a well-worth-it result!

    Don’t worry that we all hadn’t heard of that sponge thing-y — every RE is so different. It sounds like one of those things that doesn’t hurt so why not.

  6. I hope you darling is improving. I have had success getting Fiona to eat organic vanilla ice cream when she refused all other food.

  7. oh goodness. i hate prometrium dreams!!!

    i really hope that this is your time!


  8. I know it’s hard not to worry after a miscarriage, but please be positive. I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks, then promptly got pregnant again after 3 months. I’m 34 weeks now and so far it has been uneventful. This after a doctor diagnosis of PCOS, with multiple cysts on both my ovaries, irregular periods ranging from 28-42days, and LH:FSH ratio of 2.5. Hope this serves as an encouragement to you!

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