Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 3, 2009

does prometrium give you crazy dreams?

Oh my god, I have been having the most bizarre and frequent dreams since I started the prometrium. Seriously messed up dreams. Prometrium makes me tired, and I’m falling asleep easily, but the dreams, they are crazy! I won’t  bore you with the details of the dreams, but wow, they are vivid and disturbing, and very baby related. Is this common? Does it stop after your body gets used to the progesterone?

I’m 7dpo today. Temps are still up, my breasts are VERY sore, my back aches, I’m tired, and hungry all the time but can only eat a little at a time. I’m not reading anything into these “symptoms” because the prometrium can explain everything. I’m trying to stay kind of hopeful, but at the same time I’m so scared of the disappointment of a bfn or another positive with bad results. I’m not testing until Thursday, 12 dpo. I may not even test then, depending on my emotional state. On one hand, I like to have as much information as possible, and I used to start testing around 9dpo. On the other hand, I almost don’t want to know if I have another chemical pregnancy. At the same time, if it does happen again, I do want to know about it and get further testing done. What’s an infertile to do? Test and drive yourself crazy, or don’t test and still drive yourself crazy?!

I feel kind of bad, because I have still not talked to one of my friends and my aunt since before the miscarriage, nearly a month ago. They both know about it. I hadn’t intended to tell the friend, but she left me several messages while it was all going on. She had some things going on with her, and normally, I’m the one who listens to her, but I just couldn’t deal with it at the time. I was so angry about everything. I ended up emailing her and briefly filling her in (only about the m/c, not the infertility stuff) and said I didn’t want to talk to anyone for a while. She has since left me several messages and texts, but I can’t seem to bring myself to pick up the phone. I feel worse about not talking to my aunt. I do want to talk to her, but I know how much energy it will take, and frankly, I don’t want to relive the pain and disappointment right now. I’m being selfish, and for the most part that feels okay, but I do feel a little guilty.



  1. I do not recall if Prometrium gave me crazy dreams. *I did have a dream about my RE this week, I was trying to get him to give me something. lol-I don’t need to look too hard for that meaning.

    I know it is hard to have the energy to talk to them, but it will only get harder if you wait. You have to weigh it and do what is best for you.

    I just know after avoiding some of my friends for so long, I feel like it is totally insane to contact them again. I started distancing myself last year because I just did not have the extra energy for them. Which is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy because then I just put it off and off and off.

    Every time I talk to my best friend I feel like she is having this full life and I am just repeating the same vicious cycle.

  2. Hi there,

    I don’t know about the Prometrium, but sorry for the crazy dreams.

    I can understand not wanting to talk to your friend and your aunt, and I’m sure they understand (somewhat) too. Could you sent a really short email, something like “I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, this has been really hard for me, but I appreciate your understanding and hope to talk to you soon?” That kind of puts it off but you’re at least reaching out. Or, maybe you could plan a movie outing (where you can see them but not have to sit and talk?).

    Celia’s right – sometimes it becomes this big giant hurdle to communicate if it’s been too long. I’m sorry this is all so hard – you shouldn’t have to deal with these concerns.

  3. I have the most bizarre dreams when I’m on progesterone — the kind that are just sort of a mishmash of people and places that don’t make any sense together. And very vivid — I can recount very specific details when I wake up.

    I think you should talk about your m/c or treatment only when you are up to it. It’s your story to tell, and I don’t think you should feel guilty about not being up to it to this point. You’re doing the best you can! Try to remind yourself of that.

    Meanwhile, I am hoping for a BFP for you this cycle. I’m afraid I can’t be too much help on the testing front since I never know what to do myself. This past cycle (first IVF) I resisted testing and it was kind of nice — I think it allowed me to “live the dream” a bit longer (although it would’ve been positive) and not drive myself nuts over false negatives or positives. But I could argue either way!

  4. In honor of your courage under 2ww I hereby grant you hero status!
    Get out your red cape!

    Prometrium can be rough. Good luck with the symptoms. I hope you don’t feel better (because that will mean you are pregnant, not because I’m mean)

  5. No idea on the crazy dreams… I’ve been having some weird dreams this week but if anything, those are from progesterone withdraw.

    I would just tell your aunt and friend upfront, that you appreciate their concern but don’t want to talk about the m/c until further notice and to please be understanding about this all.

  6. I wouldn’t worry about keeping your distance. They’ll do their best to understand but take the time you need to sort through your emotions and thoughts 🙂 Space is underrated.

    I’m testing on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it since I don’t even know if I O’ed. But at least I’ll know if this backache means something.

    Best of luck!

  7. Prometrium gives me crazy dreams. I hate it.

    Looks like things are going so well!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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