Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 31, 2008

3 dpo

It feels like it should be at least 5 dpo, but no, it’s only 3 dpo. In an attempt to distract myself, S and I went and bought me a sewing machine yesterday. It was kind of a belated Christmas present, since we didn’t really get each other anything, and S just got a fancy new phone. Yes, I thought I could distract myself during the  two week wait by learning how to sew. Of course, I went to this fabric store by our house, and all I was drawn to were baby things. I bought a bunch of Amy Butler fabric and this book.

I also bought this pattern:


Kind of defeats the purpose of distracting me from the idea of babies! But it’s so cute. I’m sure it’s going to take a while before I’m actually able to tackle that pattern. In the past, I have made a few Halloween costumes on an ancient and malfunctioning old sewing machine that belonged to my grandma before it died and went to sewing machine heaven. I just bought this cheap sewing machine at Costco, and while it’s not fancy, I’m sure it will be fine for me to mess around with.

I have this habit of getting interested in crafty things, buying all sorts of things I think I “need” to do them, and then never actually do anything. I have so much yarn that I need to use up, but the only knitting I’ve been doing has been baby blankets, and I just can’t handle that right now. Our friends’ baby is due in three weeks, and I’m still only about 1/3 of the way through her blanket, and I am not motivated to work on it at all. Every time I pull it out to work on it, it makes me cry. I want to be knitting a blanket for my own baby, not someone else’s.

I was going to make an appointment to use one of the massages I got for Christmas, but April’s comment yesterday said no massages during the 2ww, and she is a super smart nurse practitioner and professor, so I believe her. That is so disappointing. I was hoping it would help me relax. But, if there is any chance it can prevent implantation, I don’t want to mess with that. Does anyone know more about that, or what points trigger uterine contractions, and if I could ask the massage therapist to avoid those areas?

We have no plans for New Year’s Eve. It will be just S and me. We will probably make some lasagna and play a ton of Rock Band or Guitar Hero. S is very good at playing the fake guitar. He usually plays on expert, while I struggle with just getting by on hard. We do have a lot of fun though.  I hope that everyone has a good NYE, and that 2009 is better for all of us.


  1. That is so cute. You know in high school I failed sewing. I thought it would be a nice break and it was my hardest class. People should get paid 12 skillion dollars an hour to make clothes.

    I am sooooo impressed. The only way I could make something like that is with glue and a staple gun.

  2. I got a sewing machine for Christmas too and haven’t even pulled it out of the box yet. I’m still too bummed. I really wanted it to make baby stuff. Maybe once next cycle starts I will feel more like it.

    I read this blog: They are super crafty and make all kinds of neat baby stuff. They just don’t post often enough for me. I really plan on making a mei tai (asian baby carrier) for a couple of people when ever I get motivated.

    I think you pattern is super adorable. It will be so fun picking out the fabrics since you can mix and match. Post pics when you finish.

  3. How cool is that pattern – it is super cute!

  4. Love the ring toy. super cute! If I ever get pregnant again and past the first trimester, I will send to my sis, who is very crafty (I am NOT very crafty).

    Hang in there with the 2ww. don’t know anything about massage pressure points and uterine contractions so can’t help you there, i’m afraid.


  5. How fun, a new sewing machine!! And, such a cute pattern. I’m trying to do baby stuff around the house that isn’t really baby stuff. Like, painting the “nursery” but a color that would work as a guest room too. Maybe you can sew curtains and blankets and things that are more general and unisex but could double as baby stuff?

    Happy New Year…we’ll be playing Guitar Hero too!

  6. This is so funny — I am just home from an emergency D&C and was thinking this weekend would be a good one to tackle the window treatments I’ve been wanting to do. I got a new sewing machine a few months ago and it’s still in its box. You’ve inspired me! Please keep us posted on what you make!

    Re: massages I have never asked specifically about the 2ww but I know my masseuse will not see me until the second trimester if I am pg, I believe because of the contractions. Sorry — I know it is so ironic that the things that would help us relax (massages, a glass of wine) are totally taboo. Someday this will all be worth it. Here’s to 2009!

  7. I have heard the same thing about massages in the first trimester. I go to a massage school regularly, and I know that they will only let someone trained in pregnancy massage give massages to pregnant women.

    And I am also very impressed by your sewing venture. 🙂

  8. I’ve been begging for a sewing machine! Will you teach me?

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