Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 24, 2008

one follicle. after $800 worth of follistim. ONE.

Are my ovaries just plain giving up? I thought last cycle was annoying because I only had one mature follicle, but at least I had several 15mm ones that just might have grown enough after the trigger to pop. My ultrasound this morning (with yet another new nurse) was highly disappointing. On my right ovary, I have one 17mm x 11mm follicle, which averages out to a 14. Nothing else of any hope – an 8 or a 9, and then an astonishingly lazy NOTHING on my left ovary. Seriously? And we started on day 3 instead of day 5, which should have, in theory, recruited more follicles. Ugh. I hate my stupid body. There goes any hope for twins, if this cycle is even successful, which I am not even really hoping for anymore.

I almost lost it with this poor nurse. She cheerily tried to point out that all you need is one! One good one! I told her I was extremely frustrated that we didn’t go more aggressive with this cycle, since last cycle only had one mature follicle, and the whole point, so I’m told, is to try to get 2-3 good mature follicles in order to increase our chances of at least one fertilizing, implanting, and growing! Why am I shooting up these expensive drugs to make one follicle? I think she understood my frustration. She’s normally an IVF nurse, and she seemed smarter than the average nurses there that I’ve been dealing with. She was at least sympathetic.

Anyhow, the plan is to stay at 112 iu of follistim tonight and tomorrow night. Trigger early Friday morning. IUI Saturday morning at 10am. I’m happy that we are doing the IUI on Saturday. I just hope this one damn follicle continues to grow and is mature on Saturday.

Could something please go my way? Something positive? I feel like we’ve been through enough crap, now it’s time for us to be successful. Whoever out there is handing out bfp’s, it’s time to send one our way, and it needs to be real, and sticky, and viable and healthy. Please.


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t have the results you wanted at the u/s this morning. I HOPE that you get that good luck and great results by the weekend!

  2. Sending good vibes your way for an impressive finish to the cycle. FWIW, my clinic counts anything above 12 as potentially mature, so your 8-9 mms should be up there and in contention by Saturday. Here’s hoping.

  3. I hear you on how disappointed you must feel. It is so hard to spend all the money and go through the physical ordeals – along with the emotional rollercoaster- only to feel like the response is less than you hoped.

    I will send positive thoughts that the cycle is ultimately a success. But I feel your pain on not getting the response you’d hoped for.

    Hang in there.


  4. Merry Christmas hon – hope you have had a good day. Am hoping that your ovaries kick into action and your IUI goes well on Saturday xxx

  5. {{{Hugs}}}, prayers, and good wishes for a bfp.

    Merry Christmas.


  6. I hope that some more grow by Friday. Don’t lose hope. I will be thinking of you.

  7. I hope something good has happened.

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