Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 10, 2008

holy shit

My period didn’t start yesterday like it should have. It hadn’t started this morning, which is a full 15 dpo. I remembered that I had a crappy Target brand test that I hadn’t used. I also had one FRER, one Clearblue Easy Digital, and two First Response Digitals, but I wasn’t about to waste the good tests. I thought, what the hell, I’ll use the Target cheapie. Maybe my period will finally start as soon as I pee on a stick.

I peed into my usual container and dipped the Target test, then wiped and expected to find blood. No blood. No pink spotting. I looked over to the test and saw this:


I thought to myself  that it must be a mistake. Cheap, shitty test, false positive. But, I still had a cup of pee on the counter, so I busted out the CBE digital and dipped it. Three minutes later, I saw this:


And because I am obsessive, I also used a FRER. It’s faint, but it’s there. It disturbs me that it’s so faint, since it’s supposed the be the most sensitive test out there, but there is a second line. I’ve been carrying them around in my purse in a plastic bag.

Holy shit. I had COMPLETELY given up on this cycle. I had bfns every day cd 8-13. I have no real symptoms, except for slightly sore breasts, but they were far more painful last week than they are now. I feel sick to my stomach a little, but I think it’s only because of nerves.

I called the RE’s office as soon as it opened. They faxed a lab order in around 11am. I got blood drawn at 11:30, and we should get the results this afternoon. The phlebotomist was awesome, said my veins are beautiful, and didn’t even really hurt when she stuck me. As I was putting my coat back on, she asked if I was hoping for good news. I said yes, we’ve spent a lot of time and thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, so we are hoping for a good outcome.

Could I have gotten three false positives? Could this be just really late implantation? Could this mean it’s ectopic or chemical? Could it be real?  I’m half expecting the nurse to call and say I’m sorry, it’s negative. Please call soon and put me out of my misery!

Holy shit.



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just freaked out when I saw your post. This is so wonderful…I really can’t imagine three false positives on 15dpo with no period. Wow, wow, wow.

    Congratulations, and hoping the blood test confirms!!

  2. HOLY SHIT! hooray yippee wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I HATE FRERs to be honest! Digitals are the best because they pick up a HIGHER amount of HCG!

    You have given me rehope as I have NO symptoms other than a BBT that is going up! But I too just go the BFN at 8 dpo!

    WOO HOO for you!!!

  4. Yeah Yeah YEAH!!!

  5. What are you going to do with the champagne now?

    So is the Christmas BFP train rolling out of the station? I hope it rolls by me this cycle.

    Just so excited. STILL SENDING HCG VIBES!

  6. That’s great news! Please let us know when you get the call back. I’ve never known one of those digital tests to be wrong!

  7. YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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