Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 9, 2008

the nurse finally called me back

Thank you guys for the comments. I don’t know what I would do without this IF blogging community. You guys are the best. It’s so nice to have a place where we all know the same pain and speak the same language.

After two and a half day of waiting, I get a call from my favorite nurse. She has more bad news for me about the critical morphology. S’s morphology went down, from 4% to 3%. She said that with that low of morphology, they recommend three IUI’s, and if those aren’t successful, then move on to IVF with ICSI. The total count pre-wash was only 36 million. Post wash was 10 million, so that means only 300,000 normal sperm. This is worse than the first semen analysis we had done at another lab in August. For that one, his total count was 114 million. S has been taking mega men vitamins since August. We are vegetarians. He doesn’t drink or smoke or work with toxic chemicals. I was really hoping it would have gone up. I don’t know what to think. Maybe we weren’t meant to procreate?

My period still hasn’t started. Today is 14 dpo. I didn’t bother testing, as I figured my period would start today. But it hasn’t. Perhaps tomorrow? I have never had a luteal phase longer than 15 days (after a confirmed ovulation). If it doesn’t show up by 16 dpo, I’ll take another test. I only have one FRER left, and I don’t expect I’ll need to use it. My temps went down slightly, but are still pretty high. I suppose it’s theoretically possible that implantation happened very late, but very unlikely.

The nurse did talk with me for quite a while on the phone. I asked about Christmas hours at their clinic. They have a half day on the 24th, and are closed completely the 25th and 26th, and are open a half day on the 27th. If my period starts tonight or tomorrow or the next day, the IUI would fall right in there. She said it’s up to me what I want to do. I am worried about spending a couple thousand dollars on follistim and monitoring only to get the timing wrong and completely fuck up our chances by badly timing the IUI around their holiday schedule. She said we could do timed intercourse, but with 3% morphology, our chances are very very low. She also suggested that some people choose not to cycle over the holidays. I asked about doing femara and timed intercourse, and explained about the voucher. She seemed interested in the voucher and asked me for the website so she could tell other people about it. I am hopeful that she might be good with signing the voucher.

I’m doing a little better today. I actually got up and cleaned the house and was productive.  I’m still disappointed and sad, but I guess we have to move on to the next cycle.

Oh, and I asked about why they had me start injections last time on cd 5, and not cd 3. She said that they have young, healthy women like me start on cd5, but they have older women start on cd 3, so they stimulate more follicles to grow earlier. I felt like saying, um, that’s nice of you to say that, but I’m actually 34, and I have PCOS, so I’m neither young, nor healthy!



  1. Babydoll……………oh sweetie.

    I just wish it was not like this for you, or for any of us.

  2. I’m glad the nurse finally called with answers, but it’s disappointing news to receive. Best of luck as you make your decisions about the next month.

    Oh, and please don’t say or think that you’re not meant to procreate…it’s just NOT true. We all just have to work a little harder than most to make it happen.

  3. I know how you feel – my AF arrived today after my 1st IUI failed last month. My ovulation will fall around the holidays also, needless to say no IUI this month for me.

    Hang in there – things have to get better.

  4. Ok, not a doctor, I just play one on the internets… I truly do not think 3% morphology it THAT bad. Yeah, don’t write home about it, but not impossible. I posted this link on Celia’s blog the other week:

    type morphology to the search box and read from the bottom of the page upwards… and this guy IS a dr. Of course, you have to trust your RE.

    I’m full of assvice and links today. I read an article about sperm counts and soy over the internet this summer and just Googled it again. Here is one link I found:
    If your hubby eats even a small amount of soy every day, you might want to have him stop. And if you do, remember, it takes a while (months I think) to produce new sperm, so the effects of cutting back on soy might take a while if you decide to try it.

    Of course, you might be pregnant right now! Sending HCG vibes your way!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear the news. I don’t understand why they keep throwing more hurdles up in front of us. I get it already….it’s going to be hard.

    As soon as I read the part about young, healthy women starting on day 5 I thought, “Wait a minute…I always start on day 3!!” But we are around the same age…it’s so weird that every doctor has a different protocol. It should be a baby-by-numbers operation. I think I would have more faith then.

  6. hugs!
    i always start on cd3 and i’m 29.. but i do have PCOS.. interesting.
    anyway.. i wish you the best of course.. and you are supposed to procreate.. just with ART! 🙂
    we decided to give up on IO and move on to IVF, it ends up saving money in the long run. anyway, i’m babbling.. what i mean to say is that i hope you get a BFP soon, sending tons of hugs!

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