Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 8, 2008

12 dpo

I didn’t test this morning. Logical me finally won out and I peed and flushed before I could change my mind. I will test tomorrow, which will be 13 dpo. My temperature was up this morning, but I have some crampy feelings, so I’m still not very hopeful. I just want this to work. Please. Please let this work.

The few people we have told keep saying stupid things like “oh this is the first try, don’t worry, you can do another try.” No, you fuckwads, this is our 8th medicated cycle. Not the first. It’s the first you have gone through with us, but I’ve been through this hell many times before. I know they don’t know what to say, so I am trying to cut them some slack, but it makes me want to not talk to any of them.



  1. You are strong. You are She-Ra, or Wonder Woman. I am impressed with the will power. Be kind to yourself today.

  2. Just lay it on them next time. You try injecting yourself a couple of times per day with a few grand worth of hormones and see how many time you want to go through it!

    You know how they say never piss off a pregnant woman, well, I’d rather piss off a pregnant girl any time than mess with an IFer on stims.

    That’s funny… I was just eating a big piece of chocolate. Where did it go? I couldn’t have eaten it that quickly… anger makes me consume chocolate more quickly.

  3. Chocolate is the IFs friend. I eat a bar every Sunday. I would agree that I would piss off a dozen fertiles before I angered one IF.

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