Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 1, 2008

we need a rash of BFPs

I’ve been reading blogs and following certain message boards long enough to realize that there seems to be cycles of bfps and bfns. Back in June, it seems like 20% of the people whose blogs I read or who posted on those boards got pregnant. It happened again in September. Now, I’m not keeping track and making charts, but it is interesting. I am really really hoping that we have a new rash of bfps soon. It seems like life has been shitting on a lot of people lately, and it is time for some good things to happen.

Today is 6dpo. I know I said I wasn’t obsessing yet, but I am noticing some things. Last night, I had some odd cramping in the lower right middle side of my abdomen. Could that be implantation? No spotting yet. My temp was up another .2 degrees this morning. My breasts feel larger and heavier, but not really sore. My back hurts. Maybe these are AF signs. I don’t get natural AFs often enough to know what those signs are for me. The day I leave to fly back home, I will be 8 dpo. Way too early to test. I fly home on the red eye on Wednesday night, so Thursday (9dpo) I won’t really have the chance to test, and it would be pointless anyway. I’m thinking I’ll start testing on Friday (10 dpo), and try to be totally prepared for negatives.

I know due date calculators are easy to come by, but I came across one that gives you milestones, like when you begin each trimester, when you can see the heartbeat, have a gender ultrasound, viability, when you’ll probably need maternity clothes. Some of it is a little silly, but I found it much easier than trying to count the weeks until this or that event.



  1. You are right, it is past time for all of us to get lucky.

    Your signs sound promising!

  2. I agree that there seems to be an ebb and flow to the BFPs. There was a rash of BFPs about a month ago on the ITSG group on WebMD. Like half the group cleared out. There were even a couple of sets of triplets. I couldn’t take all and I have to stay away from there now while I sit in waiting land.

    Regardless, it sounds like this cycle might be a winner for you and anytime is good time for a BFP. Maybe you can get the next wave going!

  3. ooh i hope your cramping is implantation!!!!! got my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!

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