Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 30, 2008

why i like the two week wait

I know, I’m crazy, but I’m beginning to realize that I kind of like the two week wait. It means that I actually ovulated, we did the IUI (or TI in previous cycles), and there is hope. Sure, towards the end there is the self induced torture of peeing on sticks too early and driving myself crazy, but it’s so much better than endless weeks of anovulatory madness and provera and more waiting. Now, this ovulation and chance for hope cost us a few thousand dollars, so there’s a little more stress with that. But, I have been able to relax.

Either fertilization happened or it didn’t, 4-5 days ago. If there is an embryo (or two), there is nothing I can do to influence whether it implants or not. It’s totally out of my control, and I have let go. So far, I have been busy with family stuff and maybe it’s that I haven’t had time to obsess. I’m 5dpo today. I know myself, and I will probably test early because I like to have as much information as possible.

There are so many hurdles in this infertility process, and I know that if I get those two pink lines, I could very likely miscarry, or the embryo could be chromosomally abnormal, or the baby could be stillborn. One thing about reading all of these blogs the past year, is that I know that this bad shit happens, and it happens to good people. And that’s really shitty. I am not under the illusion that a bfp = take home baby. It’s just one step. But it’s a step I’d love to take.



  1. This is a good reminder that the two week wait is a good thing! One of my best friends doesn’t ovulate, so I try to remember never to take it for granted, even though the 2ww can be torture.

    I hope the next 9 days or so go quickly for you!

  2. sending tons of good vibes! šŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad you did this post. I can’t wait till I get to the 2WW! A positive OPK would be would be such a big accomplishment for me right now that I can’t even entertain the thought of a positive HPT.

    It probably is really good that you have something else to focus on than pee sticks and too early pregnancy symptoms. Relaxation is good!

  4. I am so hopeful for you! For Pete’s sake, ONE of us has to get lucky!

    I actually like the time best before you ovulate, no pressure, just doing your own thing. So I guess the time I like best is now.

  5. […] I know I need to distract myself for the next two weeks. Last cycle, I said that I really actually liked the two week wait. I do like having a break from the monitoring. I do like that I have some hope. I know that it is […]

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