Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 25, 2008

the IUI

After last night’s tension, I needed for some things to go smoothly, and they did. S was able to perform his duties this morning just fine and got the sample to the lab fifteen minutes before they opened. He called me afterwards, a little grumpy, because he had to wait another fifteen minutes before someone took his money.

I listened to my relaxating ocean waves music on the half hour drive to the RE’s office. S met me there (yes, he did show up) on time, and my favorite check in nurse did my vitals. Lisa, the good nurse did the actual IUI. She was lovely, as always, and she explained everything to me as she went. S stood by me and held my hand, and there was a little cramping, but nothing bad, then it was over. I laid there for ten minutes and then S and I went to lunch. He was there for me, and that was important.

I think I may have annoyed Lisa with my many questions after the IUI. I asked her at least ten different questions. I also asked for a copy of the information page for this cycle, where they wrote all my results. My E2 on Monday was 1162, lining was 12.3, and I had the following follicles: 23, 15,13,15,15. Do you think the 15’s could have grown in the past day and release? I’m a little bummed to only have one large follicle. I thought she said there was a 17mm one yesterday too. Oh well. I’m just glad that everything went smoothly. Oh, the count after wash was 10 million. It will take a few days to get the morphology results. Since it’s a different lab, I’ll be curious to see if it’s significantly different.

Whew. Now we just wait. I know it’s just our first IUI, and I don’t have high expectations that the first one will work, but I do have hope for now.



  1. I am so excited for you! I don’t think Lisa is mad. That is normal stuff to want to know.

    I have not gotten as far along with this stuff as you, but I recall reading that follicles can grow quite quickly. I googled and they can grow one to three mm a day medicated or not.

    I am so, so hopeful for you!

  2. I always have a ton of questions. I think you are fine! Next time I am going to ask for a copy too. That was a good idea.

    Thos are all really good numbers!

  3. Glad things went smoothly. Don’t worry about asking questions. That’s what you pay them for.

    Hope is good!

  4. Glad to hear IUI #1 went well. Hope you don’t need to do it again.


  5. Glad things went well. Hope you only have to do it once.


  6. It sounds like you’ve got a great chance, even if you don’t expect much from the first IUI. Now on to the 2WW. I’m so excited for you!!

    I also wanted to comment on your post from yesterday. I hate it when me and DH fight too, and then, just like you, I get even more upset that I’m not relaxing and I’m going to screw up everything. I wanted to say that yes, it is completely normal for happy couples to fight from time to time, especially about stupid shit.

  7. Thanks for your ICLW comment. Your husband is too funny to write a song about morphology!

    Best of luck with the cycle!

  8. It sounds like things went great for you! 10 million post wash sperm is fantastic in my opinion.
    I always ask a million questions also when I go in, but I figured that is what they are there for so why not.
    With your E2 being at 1162, I really would not be surprised if you released more then one mature egg. Best of luck!

  9. yea! first IUI. sounds like things went off well. 🙂

    i’m thinking of you over the next two weeks. the waiting is always the worst. arg…..

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