Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 24, 2008

Finally, some good news!

My heart sank when I saw the mean nurse come into the ultrasound room. I had been hoping for the nice one. I had just had my blood drawn by a new nurse, who plunged the needle in (Owww!) and fished around for the vein. I used to be a baby about getting blood drawn, but I’ve had it done so much in the past few years that it doesn’t bother me anymore. I usually don’t watch the needle go in, but I like watching the blood fill the vial. This was not a good start to the appointment. Feeling a little superstitious and lame, I prepared myself for the painful wand of doom and bad news.

Instead, the mean nurse was actually pleasant. She commented on my cute purse. The ultrasound didn’t hurt at all this time, unlike last time. AND, my follicles grew! I have one that is 23mm, another that’s 18, and a couple of 15’s. She gave me the trigger shot right then (around 10:45am), and said we would do the IUI tomorrow morning! I am so happy that my ovaries didn’t totally fuck this up! Good job ovaries, even if you did start out kinda lazy.

I kind of sheepishly told her that S and I had sex last night, because we thought that the IUI would probably happen on Wednesday, and we wanted to preload with some swimmers. We will have less than 48 hours of abstinence which isn’t ideal because of our morphology issues. She said she wasn’t too worried about it, that it should still be fine, just to be sure to abstain tonight. I haven’t had any egg white cervical fluid yet, though it has been kind of watery, so maybe some of S’s guys from last night have a chance at staying alive and fertilizing an egg, in addition to the IUI tomorrow.

Oh, it just occurred to me that I could pee on a stick and see the positive from the trigger! I’m definitely going to do that. I’ll probably use my cheapie tests to test out the trigger as well.

My uterine lining is a 12! With clomid, it never got to more that 5mm, so that’s a huge improvement. Of course, I’m already thinking about what a bitch of a period it will be if I don’t end up pregnant this cycle. I would assume that a thicker uterine lining would equate to much heavier flow.

Thank you guys so much for all of your comments about my grandpa. I feel so happy for him that he went fairly quickly. We were worried that he would linger on for weeks in a semi-comatose state, but it really all happened in the span of 2-3 days. It is comforting that his passing was gentle, and apparently my aunt, his oldest daughter, was sitting with him, holding his hand and singing to him as he took his last breath.

You guys have a good point, that my being there later might be just as helpful, if not more so to my family. He wanted to be cremated, and my aunts and uncles are trying to come up with a date to do a memorial service for friends and such, and another private memorial for just family, to disperse his ashes in the ocean. He was in the Navy for thirty something years, so that is what he wanted. So far, they appear to be planning around my one cousin’s college schedule. I’ll be able to go out to California at some point during my two week wait. I just have to try and find a plane ticket, short notice, around this crazy Thanksgiving holiday that won’t cost an arm and a leg.



  1. girl I am stoked for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My fingers and eyes are all crossed for you!

  2. Good luck!!

  3. Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed!


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I’m so excited for you! Here’s to a very peaceful two week wait! Good luck with the IUI in the morning .. 🙂 I look forward to following along …

  5. Good luck! Congrats on the good follicles! I’ll be thinking of you and sending you calming thoughts for your 2ww.

  6. Those are som good sized follicles! Cl.omid made my lining thin too.

    Good luck with the IUI in the morning and I hope the two-week wait goes quickly!

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