Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 20, 2008

oh i wish i had some good drugs right about now

But the ER doc wouldn’t give me any yesterday. His reasoning made sense at the time. He said he didn’t want to prescribe any serious pain meds because that could make me unstable and I could fall again. He said just to take Tylenol or Advil. I can’t take Advil because that can fuck up ovulation or something, so Tylenol it is for me. Tylenol doesn’t do a damn thing. I considered calling my primary care doctor today to ask for some vicodin, but I’m friends with enough doctors and nurses to realize that might be considered “drug seeking behavior”, and I know I should just tough it out. “No unnecessary medication” is what my flashy binder full of handouts given to me by the fertility clinic says.

The ankle is a little less swollen today, but now I have a migraine from hell. And a twitchy eye. Going up and down stairs is bad bad bad. Unfortunately for me, before I sprained the ankle, I had fallen behind in the laundry, and our washer and dryer are in the basement, so that means four flights of stairs round trip with a hamper. Probably not going to happen anytime soon. And S is completely not trustable with laundry duties. He overfills the washer such that some of the clothes don’t even get wet. My husband is an engineer, yet I still can’t get through to him that there needs to be space in there for the clothes to tumble and agitate. Plus, I air dry a bunch of my clothes, so if I had him do my laundry, I wouldn’t be able to fit in many of my clothes. But, you know, that’s probably happening anyway, since I’ve gained about a half a clothes size since starting injections. It’s not good when your jeans that are so loose on you that you can normally throw them in the dryer don’t fit so well. I will try the lemon water idea, Celia.

I have my big ultrasound tomorrow to see if my follicles are mature. I’ve done an increased dose of follistim for two nights, and I am praying that I’ve got two 18mm follicles tomorrow to trigger. I have more follistim being delivered tomorrow in case I need to do more stimming. Let’s hope that I can trigger tomorrow and do the IUI over the weekend. I’m sure S would prefer to do his business in a cup on a weekend day rather than a weekday. Nothing like trying to produce a sample right before work!



  1. hope you’re feeling better!
    good luck with your u/s today!!

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