Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 17, 2008

sick in the head

First off, the third injection went perfectly. No spilled medicine, no problems. I’m feeling fine. Much better than with clomid. Clomid made me an evil bitch, gave me daily headaches that made me want to pierce my eyes with a fork, and made me cry every five minutes for no apparent reason. So far, I have felt nothing with the follistim. Perhaps I’ve felt some twinges or something in the ovarian area, but no headaches, no terrible mood swings (yet), and no crying! Woo hoo! Yay for expensive injectable recombinant DNA Chinese hamster cell produced drugs!

However, I have found another way to torture myself. I’m knitting baby gifts. I’m not a very good knitter yet, but I can make a small number of decent, uncomplicated items – scarves, hats, blankets, and I’m getting ready to try my first pair of socks. As noted previously, I have a number of pregnant friends and family members, and while I could take the easy way out and just buy something off the registry online and have it shipped, I felt compelled to knit baby blankets and booties for these babies. So far I’ve finished two large baby blankets and the most gorgeous pair of pink angora baby booties that are so luscious that I want to eat them. Every time I do some knitting for these babies, it kills me a little inside. But I also really love the idea of these babies having something handmade for them. While they aren’t my babies, and my baby could be a long way off, they are special babies. I might not be able to hold them without worrying about crying, or go to their mom’s showers, but I can knit them something soft and warm and cozy, and inbed it with hopes for my own baby someday. It’s relaxing and gives me something to do. But it is a bit torturous. S wishes I wouldn’t work on so many baby projects, but once you knit something for one baby in a group, you have to follow through and do it for all of them.

We went to Target yesterday, to get cat litter and the new snowboarding video game for the xbox. Of course, we saw about fifteen pregnant women, but I was okay. I looked at baby socks because I wanted to compare the size of the booties I made. S was worried that it would upset me, but I was okay. Maybe this positive thinking shit actually works! Or more likely, I’m in an okay space right now because we are finally doing something (follistim) that has a chance of making me ovulate. Project Positive continues.



  1. Hi, my sister has this too. It is nice to hear you are doing ok. Stay positive.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I started reading your blog the other week, but I had to get an account to leave comments (obviously I caved and got one).

    I stitched a baby sampler for my brother’s baby in my RE’s waiting room during my 2hr GTT… how sick is that?

    Good luck with the follistim!

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