Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 16, 2008

$75 worth of follistim on my bathroom mirror

I’m such a moron. Last night, S and I were getting ready to do my second follistim injection. I wasn’t even nervous, since the first one didn’t hurt at all. Anyhow, S puts the needle on the follistim pen and then dialed it to 75 IU, but he didn’t check to make sure there were no air bubbles and for the drop of medicine at the end of the needle. I’m not even sure if you have to do that every time or just the first time you put a cartridge in, but I’m paranoid. I decided to dial the pen around to zero (which you are supposed to be able to do without losing any medicine) so that I could do one click and see the drop of medicine, only I dialed the wrong way, and instead squirted half the dose out in mid air. Yep, right onto my bathroom mirror. I felt so stupid. Now I’m worried that I won’t have enough follistim for this cycle. I should have enough for 4 or 5 more days, and I may not even need that much, if my ultrasound and bloodwork on Wednesday goes well. Then again I may need more. My RE uses IVP Care, and they send stuff overnight if you order early enough in the day, so I’ll probably be fine even if I need to order more. But I still feel like an idiot. The second injection went fine. I’ve been doing them at 7:30pm every night. So far so good.



  1. By golly! How do you feel?

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