Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 15, 2008

my first follistim injection

Oh my god, I was nervous. I made S watch the online injection training video with me. He put the cartridge in the follistim pen. I tapped the air bubbles, primed the pen, and dialed up 75IU.  We both stood there waiting for me to get up the nerve. S is freaked out by needles and blood and guts, so I told him that I would do it. I knew he was feeling a little queasy, so I asked him to go get the gauze pad and when his back was turned, I stuck the needle in. I barely felt it! I released the pinch, pushed the button, waited five seconds, then pulled it out. It was easy. I did feel a little stinging/burning afterwards, which was reassuring, because otherwise I would have questioned if I actually got the medicine. It wasn’t bad at all. Four more days of this, and we’ll see how I’m responding. So far, it has been easy to be positive this cycle.



  1. Oh I am cheering you on! I am the needlephobe in the house. My husband does not care, he will be the one stabbing if necessary.

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