Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 12, 2008

Project Positive

I’m a negative person. If you’ve read any of my posts, you know this. I don’t like that I’m negative, but it’s very very hard for me to pretend to be positive, mostly because it’s to protect myself from disappointment. However, with this new cycle starting (yes I finally started bleeding!), I am committing myself to try to be positive, even if I have to fake it. I have hope that this first cycle of injectables has a chance at working. I am fully aware that with a 20% chance of success, there’s an 80% chance of failure per cycle, but I am choosing to be positive and hopeful. Today, at least. We’ll see how long this lasts.

So, today is cycle day 3. I went in and had my screening ultrasound this morning. My left ovary was quiet, and had some little follicles. My uterine lining was appropriate. But, when she turned the wand to my right ovary, there was a big black blob. A cyst. I immediately started freaking out in my head that they would make me sit this cycle out. The nurse ( a nice new to me nurse), explained that it was a cyst, and then said that she didn’t think it would interfere with this cycle. Whew. I’m not sure why, since I’ve read about so many cysts causing problems for people. She did say that I had several small follicles on that ovary, so the ovary is responding and that the cyst looked clear and not cloudy   (which might indicate endometriosis). Whatever, as long as I can start injections, I’m happy.

I was so afraid that they would make me practice giving myself an injection, but she didn’t. She just asked if I had any questions. She gave me the plan, which is to start injections on Friday, cycle day 5. I’ll do 5 days of 75iu of follistim, then come back for bloodwork and ultrasound next Wednesday.

The bad thing is that since we are doing IUI this cycle, my insurance isn’t paying half of the ultrasound and bloodwork like they had been. The ultrasound today cost us $149. S was there because we had to sign the consent form for ovulation induction, and I think that cost freaked him out. There’s going to be lots more where that came from. And the money hemorrhaging begins!



  1. We can bean and rice it together. Ugh. I am always afraid to open the mail.

  2. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I completely understand the negativity, and I like your idea – fake it until you make it, right?!

    I live in the Wine Country; sounds like that is close to where you used to live. At least now you probably have real seasons. You wouldn’t know it’s fall here with the 80-degree heatwave!

    Good luck with this cycle; I’ll be reading along to see how it goes.


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