Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 5, 2008

still no period

Don’t get all excited or anything. I’m sure I’m not pregnant. I’m a week after my last provera pill, I’m 12 dpo (if indeed my temp rise indicates ovulation, and my temps have dropped a little bit in the past two days. I wish it would just start already! I meant to take another test this morning just to be sure, but I woke up in a fog and immediately went pee and then I realized that I had meant to capture some of that first morning urine and test. Oops. I’ve had a raging headache all day, some cramping, and strangely, some breast tenderness, which is unusual for me.

I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with the outcome of the election yesterday. Obama won! My generally religious and conservative state passed propositions to allow the medical use of marijuana and expand stem cell research! I stayed up last night after S went to bed to watch Obama’s speech with tears streaming down my face. It feels like that bird of hope from last week, but way better. I kept thinking how I would explain to my future kids what yesterday felt like, how people came together to make an amazing thing happen. While we watched the results come in last night, I momentarily forgot about infertility. That was nice.


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