Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 3, 2008

cramps from hell

Yesterday I had the cramps from hell. It was so bad that I could do nothing but curl into a ball with my big blue heating bad and some pamprin. I woke up feeling not quite right in the uterine area, and within ten minutes I was hunched over. I was torn between feeling miserable and wondering if it’s a good thing. Does it mean AF is on her way? Is it because of the estrace I took this cycle? Maybe the estrace let my lining build up more than its usual meager 5mm, and that’s why I’m getting bad cramps this time. Maybe I have undiagnosed endometriosis. I usually get some backache and some cramps, but nothing like this. According to fertility friend, I am 10 dpo, my temps have gone up significantly, even five days after my last provera pill, and it’s saying that my chart is triphasic. Could it be? Could I have ovulated right when I started the provera?

Because I had that weird feeling that I was pregnant on Saturday morning, and because FF has got my hopes up, I peed on my last First Response Early Result this morning, just for the heck of it. It was negative of course.  I justified it to myself by saying that if for some crazy reason, I am pregnant and am having progesterone deficiency, I should know about it so I can get progesterone supplements. Plus, wouldn’t it be funny, the universe playing tricks on me – haha, you just bought $800 worth of follistim but you are already pregnant. Of course, that would be a lovely problem to have. I really don’t have much hope, but the increased temps have me confused.

I finished painting our guest room on Friday. It’s the room that would become the nursery, if we are so lucky. I painted it a soft cream color (“sugar cookie”), and kept the trim white. I didn’t want to jinx myself by painting it like a real nursery. We can always add some art or wall clings, but we need to think ahead about selling this place in the next few years, so I wanted to go with something neutral. I nearly ran out of paint. I was thinning with a little bit of water to get the last part of the final wall. I think it turned out very well. Now I just need to vacuum and put all of the furniture back.



  1. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for you!

  2. Thanks Celia!

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