Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 30, 2008

birds and hope

Life has been so shitty lately that I just have come to expect the worst. It’s safer than holding out hope and being disappointed.

I feed a lot of birds. It’s something that my dad always did, and I do it partly to remember him, and partly because birds are just so fucking cool. I have four bird feeders hanging on a post off our deck, and one ground feeder for the squirrels. We have a little stream in the back of our house, and we get all kinds of birds at our feeders. The cats love watching them too.

This morning I was sitting on the couch with my cats and my laptop, reading the blogs I read, and I heard a gigantic THUMP on the window. A bird. A little gold finch. I saw feathers drifting in the hazy, cold sunshiney morning, and the cats and I jumped off the couch. One of the cats starts going nuts when he sees the little hunched over body on the deck, still breathing fast. I start wailing. No birdie no. You can’t die. I’m crying and sad and don’t know what the hell to do. I put on some shoes, grab a cardboard box and put a warm towel in it and make my way out onto the deck. It’s kind of leaning on its head, breathing super fast, and I wondered if it has a broken neck. I was hoping against hope that it was just severely stunned, and a few minutes on the nice warm towel (it was 34 degrees) would help it recover. I picked her up gently and set her in the box on the towel and she kind of sat up on her feet, still breathing fast. I set the box in the sunny part of the deck and went back inside and started googling “bird hit window how to help” and looking to see if the town I live in has any sort of bird rescue organizations. Ten minutes later the bird was still in the box. Things weren’t looking good. There was no blood, but I thought if it was just stunned it would have flown off by then. Ten more minutes, I look out the window, and the box was empty! It had flown away and would be okay. What a happy surprise! I started yelling woo hoo. I picked up my cat and started dancing around with him, which he did not appreciate. The little bird had lived.

Sometimes good things do happen.

There are eleven finches on our various feeders right now. One of them may be the lucky survivor. And that makes me smile.



  1. I bookmarked your blog, I really like reading it.

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