Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 21, 2008

family visits

I’ve just had a lovely week long visit from my dear aunt. This was the first time she has come to visit me in my new state. She’s the first person that I ended up telling about our fertility troubles, and she has been so supportive. She picked a great time of year to visit – the weather was great, and the fall colors are amazing. It has made it a little tricky for S and I to have time alone, and now, unfortunately, he’ll be gone on a business trip for the next two days. We didn’t have sex last night like I had hoped, in case I ovulate while he’s gone. He was sick over the weekend and still did not fell well. We talked about doing it this afternoon before he leaves, but now he’s running late and I doubt we’ll have time for a quickie before his coworker comes by to pick him up. I guess I just have to hope that if I ovulate, it won’t be until the end of the week.

I feel so sneaky, having taken the second batch of clomid this cycle. I don’t really have a lot of hope for this cycle, but who knows. It was better than sitting there doing nothing, waiting for the period that will never come. I read that you tend to ovulate 5-10 days after the last clomid pill. I took 150mg cd 3-7, then 100mg cd 14-18, so if I ovulate (I fully realize I probably won’t), it might be between Oct 22-26. I have no illusions that I will get pregnant this cycle, but it would be nice to ovulate and have a real clean slate to start injections with, instead of a fake/withdrawal bleed. So far I have no egg white cm, and I’m still taking the estrace. If I don’t get a temp rise by the 26th, I’ll start provera. I may end up starting injections around my birthday.

My cats have been so heartbreakingly cute lately. I love them so much. They are warm, furry balls of amusement.

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