Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 15, 2008

liquid gold on my doorstep

After the disappointing ultrasound on Monday, the nurse called me in the afternoon and said that the RE was okay with me moving on to injectables without another consultation. That will save us two hundred dollars for a useless office visit. She told me that she would fax the prescriptions over to IVP Care and that they would be calling me to get more information. Since this cycle is apparently going nowhere, I was a little surprised that she called it in now, and not in three weeks while I wait endlessly for a period that will never come.

I got a call that evening from the pharmacy, and I gave them all the information they needed. The girl said she would call back the next day after checking with my insurance to see if they will cover any of it. It turns out, my health insurance will pay 50% of the meds! I’m thrilled about that! She said they were shipping the follistim out that day, overnight, and I would get it today. And today I got it. While I was in the shower, the lovely Fed Ex guy dropped off the package. When I got out of the shower, I thought hmm, maybe I should check and see if they came in the 15 minutes I was in the shower. I got dressed and opened the front door and sure enough, there was a box, containing $800 worth of liquid gold. I opened the box and the cute insulated bag packaging and ice packs and pulled out the two boxes of follistim and one ovidrel, the follistim pen, and a nice sharps container. It was like Christmas! I quickly refrigerated the meds (after opening the box and looking at the shockingly tiny amount in the cartridges!), and then poured over the patient information stuff.

I can’t believe how quickly things have moved. Two days ago I was reeling from the news that my ovaries suck yet again, and now I have the meds in hand for the future cycle. Crazy. I feel a little worried about this step, like maybe I should insist on trying femara once before follistim, but then I also think hey, enough messing around, lets start with the actual stuff that they know the ovaries respond to. It’s scary though, because it’s one step closer to IVF.

I’m taking the second batch of clomid, on my own. I hope I’m not screwing things up, like causing a cyst that could delay the next cycle. I just wasn’t ready to give up on this cycle. I’m still temping, and it’s cd 16, still early. Maybe I’ll ovulate like I have before, on CD 20 or 21, and maybe it will work and I’ll get pregnant, and I’ll be stuck with $800 of follistim that I won’t need. That would be great.


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