Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | August 23, 2008

“my boys have shitty morphology”

Fuck, this just keeps getting worse. I called my doctor’s office today to bug them again about the semen analysis results (it had been a full week) and to schedule the ultrasound monitoring. The nurse finally called me back and starts talking about the HSG results. I know the HSG results – I was there! I ask specifically about the semen analysis, and she fumbles around for a while and says oh, yeah, here we are, it came back abnormal. The doctor wants you to take clomid days 3 – 9 again. I said yeah, I already took the clomid and I’m done with it now, I just need to schedule the ultrasound and IUI. And again, what are the numbers from his semen analysis? She has no idea what anything means, so she asks me to wait and eventually my doctor picks up the phone. He explained that the count was good (114 million total), but the motility was low and the morphology was very low. Apparently the strict morphology result was 4% normal, and the average is 14%. He said he strongly recommends doing IUI this time, since we now know that male factor is an issue.

I had a hard time telling S the results. He was quiet, then started making jokes about it. He made up a song called “my boys have shitty morphology”. He seemed to digest the information slowly, because hours later he asked me more questions about it. I want to protect him from the kind of pain that I feel about my ovaries being shitty, and I can’t. Double Infertility Fun begins.

I have an ultrasound scheduled for day 13. I’m feeling slightly optimistic this cycle, with hsg cleaning things out, and with doing IUI.


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