Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | August 21, 2008

the big hysterosalpingogram

It did hurt. Probably not as bad as it would have without the Valium. They let S be in the room, but he stayed sitting in the chairs, not holding my hand like I had wanted. My doctor wasn’t super nice or calming, which annoyed me. The nurse was great. She definitely helped my nerves, but I felt like throwing up before they even put the speculum in. I sat on the table and looked nervously at the tray of instruments. I saw the array of metal tenaculums, and I watched as the doctor assembled the metal cannula, and some rubber stopper looking thing and another unfriendly looking metal part. I thought he’d be using a nice flexible catheter. I’m afraid now that my doctor is too old school. He had me scoot down to the end of the table, and put in the cold, pinchy speculum. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe and relax as much as possible. I felt a pinch (probably the tenaculum), and another pinch, and made an “oh, oh OH OWWWW” sound as he put the cannula in my cervix. Then came the dye. There were some really bad cramps, and an instantly disorienting pain as he injected the dye. I tried to focus on the screen to watch my uterus, but I had to close my eyes. Then it was over. He said my tubes are fine. He said the dye spilled out both sides.

It hurt, but it was over fast. Once I got home, I took more drugs and slept for three hours. Then, because it was my father in law’s birthday, I had to pull it together and get dressed for going out to dinner with them. I was out of it. I think S warned him that I had a test that day and that everything is fine but I may not feel so great. I am so relieved that it is over. It was painful, and I wouldn’t want to have another one, but it wasn’t as awful as I had anticipated. I’m glad my tubes aren’t all fucked up in addition to my ovaries.

Of course my doctor did not have my chart with him and said he didn’t know what he’d want to do next. He said to call if I don’t hear from them by Friday, about the SA results and when to schedule things.


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