Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | August 14, 2008

AF is here

My period started today. Yesterday I had some spotting, and my temperatures dropped again. I was a little relieved that it did finally start, so now I can schedule the HSG my doctor has been wanting to do. I was really hoping I’d be pregnant this cycle and not have to go through the tenaculum/cannula of pain. I should have known I wouldn’t be that lucky.

I was reminded today of how stupid my doctor’s office is. My doctor’s nurse works two full days and two half days a week. It is insanely hard to get to talk to her. And she’s stupid. I called, to tell them of my period starting, to get a refill of the clomid, and to schedule the HSG, ultrasounds/IUI. She forgot to call in my clomid, and I had to call two more times to get that done. My HSG is scheduled for next Wednesday, but she wouldn’t schedule ultrasound monitoring “until we see what the sperm count and the HSG results are”. I hope that the HSG will do it’s job of cleaning out the pipes and making it easier for us to conceive the next few cycles.


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