Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | August 8, 2008

still haven’t poas

I am currently 9dpo and I have shown remarkable self restraint, if I do say so myself. I have a large number of hpts in the house: 2 sticks of FR Rapid Results (note to self – rapid does not equal early) bought in a large box from costco, a box of two FR Early Result regular, a box of two FR Gold digital early result, a box of two Clearblue Easy digitals, and about ten internet cheapies. Fertility Friend is giving me a test date of next Thursday, and I’m going to try to stick to that. It may be hard, since I have SO MANY just waiting here to be dipped in first morning urine, but I’m really going to try to wait.

On someone’s blog, I read about this 21 day stop complaining thing. I guess their point was if you could go 21 days without complaining, gossiping, and just generally being human, you would be a better person. I know I complain a lot. This entire blog is me complaining about my fucked up ovaries, pcos, and infertility. I like complaining. I could never go twenty one days without complaining! I admire people who try that, but I know I couldn’t. Now, the person (and I can’t even remember who’s blog it was) modified it, and made their rules that they didn’t consider it a complaint if they also added a constructive way to solve the problem. That’s probably more realistic. However, I don’t think trying to stop complaining will do me any good. I think what I need to do is have more balance between the things I complain about and the things I am thankful for.


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