Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | July 28, 2008

why i hate festivals

I don’t really hate festivals. But I do hate people. On Saturday, S, the in laws and I went to “A Taste of OUR CITY” festival. I didn’t really want to go, but I’ve been a little down lately, and I think S is worried about me, so I agreed to go and be sociable with the in laws. It turned out to be a disgusting, torturous evening that involved some terrible food, lots of pregnant women, and people smoking everywhere. Being vegetarian, I wasn’t hopeful that we’d find much to eat there. We ended up having this okay quesadilla, some weird lentils from this Ethiopian place, and some yucky hummus. And I got food poisoning from something.

Normally I have a pretty strong stomach. I haven’t thrown up in years. Yesterday afternoon I got the headache from hell, nausea, and wretched stomach cramps. I spent all day today on the couch, drinking gatorade and trying to not throw up. I’m feeling a little better this evening, but I will never eat anything from a festival again. The paranoia I got from the food microbiology class I took in college had worn off a little, but now it’s all back.

In reproductive news, I may be about to ovulate. I’m on cd 17, and the last five cycles, I’ve ovulated between cd 19 and 20. S and I have been dtd every other day. The past few cycles, I’ve made us do it every day for like ten days, and I think we were both pretty worn out by the time I ovulated and it was not even fun. This cycle, I told him we’d go for every other day. I feel like this cycle is a total waste because I have no idea if I have any follicles growing. Last month, having the ultrasound was great. I can’t wait to move on to more intervention. My current hope is that I will be able to schedule my HSG next month (if my doctor is around, finally!), and we’ll do S’s semen analysis soon, and then try to get my doctor to do clomid plus IUI and monitoring. I’m so tired of this. I feel like we should be moving on to an RE soon. I should probably go to my primary care doctor now and get a referral so that we can maybe get an appointment into November.

Every cycle, I look at what my potential due date would be if I got pregnant this cycle, and every time I count out the months that I would be along for events in the future. I have entire spreadsheets devoted to this.  Every month, I’m disappointed. I need to stop doing that. I don’t have high hopes for this cycle, so perhaps that will make the 2ww somewhat easier. I had been starting testing at 9dpo, justifying it mentally by telling myself that if by some miracle I was pregnant, I would need to get my doctor to prescribe progesterone as soon as possible. I hope that this cycle I can hold out until 14dpo, like fertility friend suggests.


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