Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | July 23, 2008

it’s good to be home

S and I were gone for ten days. He had a work trip, so I went with him and we drove all around on the way there and back, over 2000 miles. It was a good trip, and we saw a lot of things, but it’s great to be home. I missed the cat. I missed our comfy bed. I’m sitting here now with the cat curled up on the couch next to me.

So I’m cycle day 13 today. The past 4 cycles on clomid, I have ovulated around cd 19-20, so I think we are still a ways off from ovulating. I didn’t bother calling my doctor when AF started. That happened on the day we left on the trip, which was a Friday, and it was the day their office was moving to a new building. He’s going on vacation sometime in July too. Maybe this would be a good time to go in and try to see a different doctor. I’m sure he wouldn’t agree to do any monitoring, trigger or progesterone until we do the HSG. I ordered some natural progesterone cream today to use after ovulation, since the doctor won’t prescribe any progesterone supplementation for me. I’m also adding low dose aspirin on my own to deal with the thin lining issue.

I’m not feeling very positive about this cycle already, and I haven’t even ovulated yet. Every time I get the nerve up to think positively, I end up disappointed. I’d rather expect the disappointment and be pleasantly surprised.

I’m thinking about getting a kitten. We’ve been talking about getting another cat once our existing cat’s health problems get better. Selfishly, I think getting a kitten would be a good distraction from ttc. It would be good for our cat to have a companion as well. Plus, S has never had a kitten, and I think it would be good for him to bond with a new cat, since our cat is really my cat that came with me when I moved here. I’ve been looking at feral cat rescue organizations to adopt from. Maybe that will give me something to be happy about.


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