Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | June 27, 2008

i may have actually ovulated on my own!? (well with the help of clomid)

So I went back yesterday for another ultrasound. One of the two big follicles they had seen on Monday was GONE, and there was FLUID around the ovary, indicating that I may have spontaneously ovulated! The other follicle was even bigger (3.0 cm) and she said that one was probably too big to have a good egg anymore, but that they might still want to give me a trigger shot to make that one release too. Of course my doctor and his nurse are fucking morons. The u/s tech was so nice and called over to the nurse immediately and asked if I should go over for a trigger shot. I guess my doctor was at their other office today and didn’t have my chart in front of him so he couldn’t make a decision on what to do and said that they’d call me later today. So I went home, all excited, sure that he would give me progesterone supplementation, as my lining was still too thin (5mm). Five hours later the nurse calls me back and says “well everything looks good. I think he’ll want to see you in a month”. Wait a minute. There are decisions that need to be made – trigger or no, progesterone, etc. I ask her these questions, and she says “Well, I don’t know, the doctor didn’t say anything about it.” I keep pressing her for answers and she tells me she’s going on vacation next week, but that she’d try to have Dr. E call me in the next few days.

I realize that with PCOS you have to be really active in getting effective treatment, since so many doctors are fucking clueless about Metformin and such, but I’m so tired of having to be the bitch who questions everything. Dr. E (who I once thought was a nice man) calls me back at 5:30pm the next day and is equally evasive. Well it looks like you ovulated on your own so you won’t ever need a trigger shot. No progesterone. There are some studies that suggest it can help, but you don’t want to sustain a doomed pregnancy anyway. Blah blah blah.

I know I should just say fuck it and move on to an RE, but it would be entirely out of pocket, and if I could get pregnant with a simple clomid + IUI, why not try that. I still need to get an HSG before he’ll do an IUI, and S needs to give a sample to be tested. I’m excited that I may have ovulated, but disappointed because my doctor is an idiot and not willing to do the things that seem fairly standard for infertility treatment, like a trigger shot and progesterone after ovulation.


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