Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | June 24, 2008


So, yesterday, on CD 17, I had an ultrasound, and I have two good looking follicles on my left ovary. There’s nothing on the right ovary, and my uterine lining is very thin, 2 mm. The ultrasound tech lady was great – so friendly, gave me lots of information, and was so helpful. It was my doctor’s day off, so I had to wait while they tried to get a hold of him to ask when to do the trigger shot. After waiting for half an hour after the ultrasound, the nurse practitioner tells me he doesn’t want to do a trigger, just bd for the next 3 days, and have another ultrasound on Thursday to see if I ovulate on my own! WTF? Why not do the trigger? That’s what we talked about at my last appointment. I want to believe that the man knows what he’s doing, but I also suspect that he’s used to normal women, with normal cycles, who get pregnant easily. How much does he really know about PCOS? They aren’t doing anything about my thin uterine lining (due to the clomid?). I’m getting really frustrated. Here I have these two beautiful follicles (18mm and 22mm) and I’m pretty sure they are going to get wasted because my body doesn’t do a normal LH surge. I’ve been using opk’s and they are all faint lines. Last month, I never got a positive opk. My temps have been high this cycle, so I’m worried about that. I should probably stop fucking around and make an appointment with the fertility clinic in town, but that’s not covered by my insurance, so I wanted to give this a good try. If this cycle doesn’t work, it’s on to an HSG, SA, and IUI, but not until September probably, due to the various doctor’s offices moving. See, my doctor’s office is moving mid-July, but the RE they use to prep the sample for the IUI isn’t moving to the new building until some time in August, so we can’t do an IUI until they are both moved into the new building. What a pain in the ass.

S and I have been not very nice to each other lately. Over the weekend we had two big fights. Stupid fights. Over nothing really important. Now that the wedding and parties are over, I think we don’t quite know what to do with each other. It’s so nice to have that stress over with, but getting back to normal isn’t going well. Last night we needed to bd because of the nice big follicles and potential impending ovulation (if my body cooperates), but we were arguing. We ended up talking it through and ended up bding since he knew it was important timing. I know that I have a lot of work I need to do to be happier. I’ve been in a funk it seems since my dad died. I can’t pin all my hopes for happiness on getting those two pink lines. I need to get in a better place. I’m not quite sure how to do that.


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